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Hepatitis B Free

We aim to eradicate Hepatitis B by raising awareness and fundraising for increased vaccination coverage and supporting grassroots health projects run by the charity Hepatitis B Free, such as local community screenings. Students are invited to volunteer at these events. There may also be opportunities for committed members to join the Hepatitis B Free team overseas to vaccinate and educate local communities in disadvantaged countries such as Papua New Guinea. 

On campus, we will be promoting events of Hepatitis B Free as well as organising our own events with aims:

1. To raise funds, promote and support health, education and wellbeing projects run by Hepatitis B Free in disadvantaged communities both in Australia and overseas.

2. To increase awareness about Hepatitis B Virus and/or other health issues amongst UNSW students

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Amnesty International UNSW

Amnesty International are the largest human rights organisation in the world, with over 7 million members world wide. We as a local branch attempt to bring students into this wider community, and educate them as activists. In terms of events, we host a number of educational events, speakers panels, discussion groups and human rights training workshops. 

We also provide social events such as movie nights, trivia, and picnics. Training within Amnesty may be useful for internships and wider careers in social justice, and we inform our members of any opportunities to intern at Amnesty Headquarters.

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Investing For Charity

UNSW Investing for Charity (I4C) is a philanthropic student society that strives to promote the importance of socially impactful business activities by providing student development opportunities within areas of finance and social impact / non profit.

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Project Hope

Project Hope UNSW is a student-run charity organisation based at the University of New South Wales (UNSW). Founded in 2006, Project Hope is dedicated to the mission of improving the education and well-being of children living in the poorest areas of rural China. Project Hope believes that every child is entitled to the rights of quality education and a comfortable environment for proper childhood development. It is therefore our objective to provide support to these less fortunate children and to ensure that they each have an equitable opportunity to achieve a better future.

For 10 years, Project Hope has been playing a vital role in raising awareness and donations in the university for the underprivileged children in rural China. But much work remains to be done, with many children in rural China still living below the poverty line. Project Hope is committed to improving the livelihood of these children and making a difference to their future.

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