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Hello! I'm a fifth year Science/Arts student (who transferred out of
Computer Science/Science). Participating in clubs and societies since my first year of university has definitely been a positive experience that has allowed me to develop personally and professionally. A few societies that I have been a part of include: CSE Society, CSE Revue, Med Revue and Game Development Society. Don't be afraid to try new things and find your next greatest passion!


Hi there! I'm a penultimate year Commerce/Arts student studying Finance and International Relations. Being part of Arc's Clubs since my first year has been a huge part of my university experience and I am proud to have been involved with Enactus UNSW, AISOC and also a Volunteer Army Captain! Got any questions about Arc, student life or anything else? Come and drop into the Arc's Clubs Space!


Hey there! I'm a fifth year student doing a Bachelors of Education/Bachelors of Economics (Econometrics). I love student societies and have been a part of the Education Society and the Malaysian Students' Organisation for the past few years. Come drop by and say hello to us at the Arc Clubs Office! :)

Consultation Hours Semester 2, 2018

Questions? Concerns? Need advice?

Octavia: Wednesday 3pm - 4pm

Matt: Tuesday 11am -12pm

Charlene: 1pm - 2pm

Come pop into the Arc Clubs Space during our weekly consultation hours and let us guide you through bookings, grants, membership and much more!


Clubs Grant Form

Location & Resource Booking Forms

Affiliation Agreement

EGM Form

Club Guides



AGM Guide (for ALL re-affiliating clubs)

AGM Workshops will be run in early Semester 2 ahead of the Mandatory AGM Period (Semester 2, Week 8 to 11). ONE Executive from each Club must attend an AGM workshop.

Starting a New Club

Starting a new Club is an exciting venture and we hope that Arc can help make your experience all the more fun and rewarding! 

Of course, there are some administrative details that you need to make sure you cover in order to become Arc affiliated so make sure you read the information included in Section 3 - Starting a Club of the Clubs Handbook

You should also contact to find out what the requirements are and when you need to submit your application by. All applications are received via OrgSync, so make sure that you have activated your Arc membership for 2018!

Important Dates: 

IGM Period for Semester 1, 2018 - Week 1 to 12

Affiliation Application Submission Period for Semester 1, 2018:

  • Round Two - Closes Friday Week 8
  • Round Three - Closes Friday Week 12

Club Executive training will be announced in the weeks following.


All Clubs need to re-affiliate every 12 months to make sure that you're still complying with Arc's Clubs policies, so if you're on the Executive it's your responsibility to make sure your Club ticks all the boxes to stay affiliated with Arc. Some requirements for re-affiliation have changed since the beginning of 2015, so Section 4 - Existing Clubs Applying for Reaffiliation of the Clubs Handbook will give you the up-to-date guide to re-affiliating your existing Club.

All applications are received via OrgSync during the mandatory submission period, so make sure you complete everything on time. 

Important dates: 

  • Mandatory AGM Period Semester 2, 2018 - Week 8 to 11
  • Reaffiliation Application Submission Period Semester 2, 2018 - Week 8 to 12 (due 5pm Friday 19 October 2018)
  • Affiliation Reset Date: Friday 30 November 2018

The Arc Clubs team will run AGM & Re-affiliation Workshops in early to mid Semester 2. ONE Executive from each Club must attend a Re-affiliation workshop.

Clubs Procedures

The Clubs Procedures document explains all Arc policies regarding clubs in detail, including policies such as affiliation criteria, alcohol and administrative support. The policies themselves are contained within this document - so read it! All application forms are submitted online through Orgsync. If you have any questions, please visit or contact us.

Grant Applications 

Grant applications must submitted online via our online system Orgsync.

Clubs Grant Application Form

Student Community & Development Grant Application Form

Alcohol Policy

Grants Procedures

This document explains all Arc policies regarding Grants in detail, including types of grant funding available and eligibility, criteria, conditions and procedures for applying for each Grant.

Arc Clubs Financial Templates 

Simple - this version is suited to most Clubs, where finances are relatively simple. The spreadsheet does not allow for structural changes.

Flexible - this version is suited to Clubs where finances are more complex. Structural changes can be made as required (a intermediate level of familiarity with Microsoft Excel may be necessary).

Room & Space Hire Applications

Arc Room & Event Bookings 2018 - CLUBS only (Roundhouse, Music Rooms & Dance Studio

Arc Room & Event Bookings 2018 - Arc MEMBERS (Music Rooms, Dance Studio)

CATS (University) Room Hire

UNSW Outdoor Booking Form

Risk Assessment Form for BBQs

Risk Assessment Form (General)

Food Safety Information

1. Food Safety Guidelines 

2. Checklist A

3. Checklist B

4. Checklist C

5. How to Notify a Food Business

Executive Recognition Initiative

Arc has launched a new program to recognise Club Executives on their AHEGS (Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement)! 
You can find full details of the program including requirements and FAQs here.

Editable Model Constitutions

Clubs should always keep a digital updated copy of their Constitution. The editable Model Constitutions below should mainly be used by new Clubs, but may be useful to existing Clubs as well.

Regular Model

Constituent Model

Clubs & Grants Officers (CGOs)

Here everyday to help you Uni Your Way!

Your three CGOs for 2018 are here to help!

Got any questions? Need Advice?

Come pop into the Clubs Space for a chat!

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