Update on 7/01/2021 - Club Events Guidance Updated, Camp Recommendations Available

There have been several updates made to the Club Events and COVID-19 guidance page, which can be found here. This page provides some considerations and steps that Clubs should implement for in-person events held during the pandemic, regardless of location. Clubs should continue to refer to the Clubs COVID Return to Campus Resources and Training for information and requirements of on-campus activities.

We have also released recommendations for upcoming Club Camps. Currently NSW Health recommends delaying non-essential travel within NSW, especially between Greater Sydney and regional areas, however if your Club still intends to run a camp, this page compiles requirements and recommendations based on current information.

Update on 16/10/2020 - On Campus Bookings Available

Room bookings and resource bookings for on-campus activities and events are now available again. Requirements have been updated and events will require a COVID Officer to run. For more information, please refer to the Return to Campus Resources and Training page

Grants support for on-campus activities and events will also return, with information to be provided to clubs soon.

Update on 29/06/20 - Club Grants and Support for In-Person Activities

Restrictions regarding in person events are currently easing in stages. We still recommend that clubs should minimise in-person events as much as possible and focus on online events at this point in time. Our temporary grants structure that is in place right now will also continue to be aimed at supporting online events.

For any clubs that do want to hold in-person events, please ensure you adhere to health and safety guidelines and social distancing. In-person events that are held right now will not be eligible for grants. Once the grants structure changes or is updated to include in-person events, all clubs will be notified via their club email.

Bookings for campus spaces are not currently available. However, it is possible to make a reservation on Hospitality locations for dates starting from beginning of Term 3 onwards. These reservations DO NOT guarantee you are actually able to hold your event and are dependent on restrictions and policy. If your club is planning for a major in-person event from Term 3 onwards, please contact us at: clubs@arc.unsw.edu.au to discuss further.

Update on 25/03/20 - Clubs Online Events and Verification

All clubs that are planning to hold online activities are strongly recommended to implement a verification system. This system is meant to ensure you know who is attending your event and to assist with moderating your events. Only verified members should be able to interact, make posts and upload content. For events such as a livestream or online workshop, unverified members can join to watch but should not be able to make comments or posts.

Our recommended online verification system during the current COVID-19 situation should consist of the following: 

1. A member notifies your club that they wish to be verified - this can be by contacting an executive or through a form you set up.

2. The member must provide at least their online account name (if relevant), full name and zID

3. Using the zID that was provided, your club should then send an email to the member's student email (using the email format z1234567@unsw.edu.au)

4. The member replies through their student email to confirm their zID and details are correct

By replying through the student email, you can be reasonably confident in confirming that member's identity. This information should only be available to current executives.

Online events are eligible for activity grants. They are processed identically to normal events (and must be published on SpArc) with the exception that the attendance forms can be completed digitally by attendees and the activity photo should be screenshots of the event occurring with the members present (e.g. a screenshot of a game with the member's names visible). 

For more information about online activities and grants, please read Section 22.2 of the Clubs Handbook.

If you'd like us to help publicise and advertise your online event through our social media channels, please email the following information to Lydia (l.morgan@arc.unsw.edu.au):

Name of Event:

Time and Date:

Short Description:

Link to event (e.g. Facebook live, Discord, Zoom):

Marketing material/image:

Update on 18/03/20 - Organised Gathering Limits

The limitations on organised gatherings set by the Department of Health were recently updated:

  • Internal (Indoor) gatherings are limited to 100 people.
  • Outdoor gatherings are limited to 500 people.

For more detailed information regarding these limits, please refer to this page.

Update on 17/3/20 - Club Events to be Postponed or Cancelled

Events with more than 500 attendees are now banned in NSW. 

You may have also seen a recent email from UNSW stating that all non-essential events are being cancelled.

In accordance with this, Arc is taking the following steps:

  • If you have an upcoming event expecting an attendance of 500+, please take immediate steps to cancel the event. This is a NSW Government requirement and failing to do so could result in large fines. If you need support with this, please let us know.
  • Starting next week (23rd March), we ask that all events are moved online or postponed. All existing on-campus bookings from this date onwards are now cancelled and no further bookings will be accepted. This applies to CATS Rooms, outdoor rooms Roundhouse Rooms, Music Rooms, Dance Studio and Club equipment hire from Arc.
    • EGMs will be exempt from these restrictions, and bookings for these will still be allowed. However, you must not be expecting over 30 attendees, and you are expected to follow NSW Health guidelines and precautions. Please utilise the “Club Events and COVID-19” guide for your EGM.
  • If you choose to continue running in-person events from 18th March (tomorrow) onwards, please be aware that these are not supported by Arc and grants will not be available.
  • For the remainder of this week, we strongly recommend reconsidering your need to run in-person events. We recommend moving things online or postponing as much as possible. 

All existing bookings for this week will still be in place. If you choose to go ahead with your in-person event, please ensure you are taking precautions, as per Department of Health guidelines and information provided in the “Club Events and COVID-19” guide, as well as abiding by any current or new NSW or Federal Government requirements.

The above restrictions will be in place until further notice, likely until mid-April or longer. If you have future events planned for the Term, we suggest exploring options regarding cancellation or postponement, including how to notify attendees of changes.

As you know, the situation is constantly evolving so please also be prepared for additional changes and restrictions which may still occur at any point and on short notice.

For further information, you may find the Department of Health Advice for organising public gatherings and COVID-19 Information and Resources helpful.

The Clubs Space will be close from Wednesday 18th March.

Arc Clubs support will be moving online and systems are being set up to provide contact for clubs through alternative means. This will be communicated to all clubs as they are implemented.

For more immediate or urgent questions, you can contact Arc through social media or request an Arc Clubs staff member to call you by completing this form.

Update on 13/3/20 - Limits placed on gatherings of 500+

The government is advising the cancellation of gatherings of more than 500 people from Monday 16/3/20, to limit the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus). Currently this does not apply to public transport, airports, schools or universities.

Please contact the Arc Clubs Team if this applies to your event taking place in the next few weeks.

On this page, you will find a document called Club Events and COVID-19, which contains suggestions about best practice and resources available to help you decide whether to move forward with your events, potential adjustments to your event and what to do in case you are concerned about a student’s health during your event.

The Clubs Office has printouts of hygiene signage which you can use at your events. These can also be downloaded from the NSW Health website.

The situation is evolving on an ongoing basis, so please consult the Department of Health and NSW Health for up to date information.

Key Contacts, Key Links & External COVID-19 Resources

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UNSW COVID-19 Information: https://www.covid-19.unsw.edu...

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