Learn. Develop. Lead.

Being a Club Executive can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your time at uni, and comes hand-in-hand with new challenges and opportunities. 

Arc is bringing you the first Arc Clubs Leadership Summit, where you'll hear from a range of Arc staff and external trainers to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to make 2020 the best year yet for your Club.

You'll have the freedom to customise your Summit experience by choosing the workshops you wish to attend, with topics running simultaneously and on multiple times throughout the two days. Below you can read about some of the workshops on offer.

You'll also hear from two panels, one featuring students and non-students talking about engaging the diverse student population at UNSW, and another featuring alumni who are past Club Executives who will share their learnings, advice and how their experience has. contributed to their professional lives today. There will also be a mix and mingle afternoon tea for you to network for your fellow Club Executives!

WHERE | Roundhouse


Clubs were sent an access code in Week 5 in order to register for tickets. Contact the Arc Clubs / Arc Sport team (as relevant) if your Club hasn't received access codes by 18 October.

You can only register for one ticket at a time, however you can have multiple Executives from your Club attend the summit!


Identifying & Maximising Your Club’s Value Proposition

Why does your club exist? We believe leaders serve their communities & add value to their members. But what is ‘value?’ In this workshop, we show you an innovative process teaching you how to use empathy & entrepreneurial techniques to deeply understand your student audience, what they need & how to deliver it. You will walk away with a whole new view of your members & new ideas on how to engage them, boosting your membership & your participation rates.

Grievance & Conflict Management

Strongly recommended for roles with specific grievance responsibilities.

Effectively managed conflict is a crucial component of high performing teams and organisations. Well-managed conflict can lead to positive change, innovation, personal and professional growth, and increased team cohesion and performance. This highly interactive workshop includes individual and group exercises, and extensive opportunity for the practice and reinforcement of skills and concepts introduced. Participation will help build the skills needed to:

  • Recognise & manage your own personal perceptions, experiences & biases relevant to conflict situations
  • Gain insight into your preferred approach to dealing with conflict situations to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Adopt an empathetic and engaging approach
  • Give and receive feedback in a way that maximises the likelihood of a win/win outcome
  • Understand how communications are impacted by word choice, tone and body language
  • Present opinions in a logical, clear and constructive manner.

Public Speaking & Networking Masterclass

Find your voice and speak your truth. The ability to present authentically in front of a crowd can radically improve your ability to build rapport, mobilise your team, assert your position and seal a deal. This session will focus on enhancing your individual strengths to be a great public speaker through voice, body language and storytelling. You will then translate these skills to the often-intimidating world of professional networking. By practicing these skills and quality interpersonal habits you can be memorable and influential everywhere you go.

Marketing & Promotion

Did you know there are three key stages of marketing? Awareness, Consideration & Decision. How is your Club tailoring content to each of these stages? How are you sharing the value of your Club & storytelling about your events, your members, your team & your partners? In this workshop, you will learn how to create 8 types of content that create value for your audience while entertaining & educating them. You can even apply these concepts to your own personal brand!

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is the biggest predictor of success, with higher EI having a much higher correlation to success than IQ! The good news is, you can improve your EI. Explore the meaning of Emotional Intelligence and how to practice it in your everyday life. As a Club Executive, this will help you understand other people’s feelings when working as a team and before/during a difficult conversation. With greater emotional intelligence comes greater ability to effectively manage, lead, inspire, motivate, and influence others.

What Motivates Teams

You cannot motivate someone until you know what motivates them. In this workshop, you will learn about your own motivations, stepping through the top-6 drivers of behaviour. It’s like magic! From the shoes you wear, to the food you ordered at the café last weekend, the world will never look the same again once you attend this workshop. You will be equipped to build deeper relationships with your team members, learn what they need from you & how to motivate them with this newfound understanding.

Self Management

Learn tips and strategies to juggle all your commitments and look after your wellbeing at the same time! We’ll cover time management, stress management and self-care. You will discover how to work smarter, prioritise what is important, and manage your energy levels to be more productive. You’ll be equipped with practical tools and resources to help you reach your personal and your Clubs goals.


Event Management

Events are the heart of what many Clubs do, but every event is different there are so many parts to running a successful event. You’ll hear from experts and learn key tricks and tips for running all different types of events for your Club, from small weekly meetups to your flagship conference, camp or cruise!

Handover & Succession Planning

In this workshop, we’ll teach you approaches to manage your talent pipeline, prepare in advance for future success & ensure all your progress from a great year is not lost. You will learn how to avoid last minute password swaps, locked documents without access & AGMs with no-one applying for key roles.

Partnerships & Sponsorships

What makes a great partnership? In this workshop, we show you how to create win-win partnerships by understanding 3-types of value you can receive, 3-types of value you can deliver & how understanding the needs of your partner leads to previously unreachable results. You will experience a role-play to practice the skills in real time & leave with scripts & strategies to hit the ground running.


What are your goals? According to Harvard University, only 3% of adults have clear, written goals. Whether, personally, professionally, financially or for your club, goals are absolutely crucial. In this workshop, you will learn a methodology to set goals, create momentum, set an action plan in place to start achieving them.

Committee Coaching - Making the Most of Meetings 

For many people, just saying the word ‘meeting’ makes them yawn! But it doesn’t have to be that way! The Making the Most of Meetings session is all about passing on crucial tricks and tools of the trade to help you make your meetings more engaging, well-structured and valuable to all members, whether you’re a newbie on the Exec or a seasoned pro! Some of the key tips you will learn in this session include: • Keeping meetings on time • Being prepared with a great agenda • Avoiding the ‘talk fest’ trap • Making decisions that lead to productive actions • Managing the money • Keeping easy minutes • What records to keep

Say goodbye to boring, long, useless meetings and hello to more effective and productive management of your club!

Strengths-Based Leadership

Strengths-based leadership is the ability to identify and make the best use of your own and your team members' strengths. It also has a focus on growth, potential and ways to work on weaknesses. Learn how to understand and use your strengths to achieve your goals and get results. 

Benefits to the individual:

  • more confident/ higher levels of self-esteem
  • more resilient
  • more likely to achieve your goals
  • perform better

Club Benefits:

  • efficient allocations of tasks
  • encourages cooperation
  • creates a positive culture
  • everyone should be happier and more fulfilled
  • increase diversity and inclusion

This 90-minute workshop will take you on a journey to discover your strengths and give you the language to talk about and share them. Strengths help you be your authentic best self by understanding what you can do and what you love to do. 


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H:8:30am - 6:00pm