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Clubs & Societies are a great way to get social, get active and make the most of your time at uni. There's 300 of them, so you're spoilt for choice! Keep scrolling to catch 'em all.

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Faculty of Engineering Student Society

As the constituent student society for all engineering students at UNSW, the faculty of engineering student society (EngSoc) offers all UNSW students an avenue for social interactions, career development and an encouraging environment for students to develop their own initiatives. 

This year, EngSoc will continue to run two major AHEGS accredited student development programs which are the Volunteering Development Program (VDP) and Engineering Industries Program (EIP). These programs aim to develop students in a professional capacity to prepare them for industry. Other initiatives EngSoc will be running include various case competitions, industry nights, industry visits and project fairs. 

On the social side, EngSoc offers a great avenue for engineering students to socialise such as our amazing EngSoc Ball, free BBQs, Engineering Sports Day and pub crawls.

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Business Society

Our mission is to enrich the university life of all students in the Business School by fostering an active community environment, and providing opportunities for personal and professional development. 

UNSW Business Society is the representative body for UNSW students studying an undergraduate degree at the UNSW Business School. We host over 80 events per year, ranging from social and sports to career-focused and self-development opportunities. BSOC’s fundamental aim is to enhance student employability through professional development programs that motivates, challenges and creates opportunities for students and to establish a rich support network for students fostering their personal development.

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Arts Society

UNSW Arts Society is the consituent Club of the UNSW Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS). We aim to provide a range of personal and professional development opportunities to students studying within the FASS, as well as social events and activities for FASS students.

These include our Orientation Camp, Careers Fair, Arts Ball, education workshops (university skills), careers workshops (resume writing, interview workshops, presentations), opportunity to join a subcommittee to help plan and execute events, social drinks, and social sports.

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Maths Society

UNSW Mathematics society is the faculty club relating to the school of mathematics and statistics. It is for those who are doing a mathematics subject in university and for those who possess an interest in maths. 

Through out the semesters, we will have regular social, educational as well as careers related events, such as BBQ, social drinks, information talks and also revisions sessions. through out the semesters the we are aiming to have one event at least every fortnight.

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Law Society

The UNSW Law Society is the peak representative body for all students in the Faculty of Law at UNSW. Nationally, we are one of the most respected student-run law organisations, attracting sponsorship from prominent national and international firms. We seek to develop UNSW Law students professionally, personally and socially and help students to aspire towards their professional and personal paths. 

The UNSW Law Society is proud to celebrate a rich diversity of students with a multiplicity of aims, backgrounds and passions. We seek to represent, support and enrich our diverse cohort through the great number of activities, publications, competitions and events the UNSW Law Society hosts every year. This allows the UNSW Law Society to enrich the student academic and social life, as well as providing career support and development.

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UNSW Med Soc

UNSW Medical Society (MedSoc) is the representative body for medical students under the Faculty of Medicine. It provides an avenue for students to enrich their development as medical practitioners through academic events such as SB Downton, Grand Rounds and peer mentoring. 

They also seek to further the student experience and community of the club with diverse social activities, from MedBall to Medcamp, and with various publications including Idoglossia and Umbilical. 

MedSoc also runs more than 16 Special Interest Groups (SIGs) allowing medical students to participate in leadership positions and attend academic events of their personal interest. This enables medical students and the wider healthcare network to flourish and explore a myriad opportunities for the future.

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UNSW PsychSoc

UNSW Psychology Society, the constituent club affiliated with the School of Psychology, is the representation body of all psychology students. 

We want to help you get the most out of your time as a student, and hence aim to provide events throughout the year for the psychology student community at UNSW. Whether you are looking for social events, academic help, or career information, we’ve got you covered! To provide every psychology student with the most enriching university experience they could have, we collaborate with other societies, as well as both in-university and external organisations.

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Architecture Society

Architecture Society is the constituent society for the Bachelor of Architectural Studies and Masters of Architecture program. We are here to help you make the best of your time here at UNSW academically and socially. We have plenty of networking events and study activities planned for you to meet new friends, ask graduates for advice, and realise your full creative potential.

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CSE Society

CSESoc is the principal representative body for computing students on campus. We are one of the biggest and most active societies at UNSW, catering to approximately 1600 CSE students. We are here to fulfill the social needs of computing students and also promote computing in all its forms through weekly social and technical events throughout the year.

We are a society for the students, by the students. As a CSE student, here's how we can help you:- We organise and run weekly events, including Trivia, Movies, Poker, and Boardgame Nights, LAN Parties, Workshops, Code Jams, Tech Talks, and our famous Free Weekly BBQ. 

- We run a highly successful First Year Camp, offering new CSE students (both undergraduate and postgraduate) a weekend of Trivia, Dance Parties, Scavenger Hunts and general frivolity with the chance to meet and mingle with other newcomers. 

- The society is entirely run by CSE student volunteers. All CSE Students are automatically members, and there are plenty of opportunities to get involved with running events and activities. 

- We cater to new and returning students alike, with a mix of events designed to have something for everyone. Events are open to all members and nearly all are free to attend. 

- We're as passionate about computing as you are; we provide technical events to teach you new skills, as well as a fortnightly magazine to keep you updated on what's new and interesting within the university, school and industry.

Most of all, we're here to help you settle in and have a great time at UNSW!

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