How to get Arc Affiliated

New Clubs

Starting a new Club is an exciting venture and we hope that Arc can help make your experience all the more fun and rewarding. Of course, there are some administrative details that you need to make sure you cover in order to become Arc affiliated so make sure you read the information included in the Clubs Handbook: Section 3 - Starting a Club

You should also contact to find out what the requirements are and when you need to submit your application by.  All applications are received via OrgSync, so make sure that you have activated your Arc membership for 2017!

Existing Clubs

All Clubs need to re-affiliate every 12 months to make sure that you're still complying with Arc's Clubs policies, so if you're on the Executive it's your responsibility to make sure your Club ticks all the boxes to stay affiliated with Arc. Some requirements for re-affiliation have changed since the beginning of 2015, so this AGM guide section will give you the up-to-date guide to re-affiliating your existing Club, but you should also make sure you read the Clubs Handbook 2017 Section 4 on Re-affiliation.

All applications are received via OrgSync during the mandatory submission period (Week 8 - Week 12, Semester 2) so make sure you complete everything on time. 


Arc Clubs

P:9385 9840

H:8:30am - 6pm, Monday - Friday