Being a Student Leader can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your time at uni, and comes hand-in-hand with new challenges and opportunities.

The Upskill Series is bringing you more opportunities to improve your leadership capabilities as a Club executive and beyond. The skills you bring to effect right now as a student leader are just as applicable throughout your career. The experience and knowledge you gain in your time as an executive are invaluable and Arc Clubs is here to support your personal development!

The Executive Leadership Conference will take place in Week 7 Term 3, Friday 28 October - Sunday 30 October 2022.

All incoming 2023 executives and contributing members are invited to attend this AHEGS (Australian Higher Education Graduate Statement) Recognised 3-day leadership event to gain the knowledge, skills and connections you need to make the most of your role. 

The conference will be fully catered every day and there will be plenty of opportunities to network and get to know your fellow club leaders! You will also be able to complete parts of the required executive training which has been built into the event structure.

Discover your leadership identity and develop practical skills including: 

  • self-awareness 

  • collaboration and communication 

  • building effective relationships 

  • creating safe and inclusive teams 

  • conflict management 

  • well-being and resilience

This event is co-hosted by Arc Clubs and UNSW Employability. All students who attend the workshops and complete the associated development tasks will receive AHEGS recognition for the UNSW Leadership Foundations program. Additionally, the workshops will include some of the compulsory clubs training content that is usually delivered in separate sessions. Join in for a weekend of interactive leadership development, meeting new friends and bonding with other execs!  

Click here for more information and to register.


Recognise & Respond: Suicide prevention for everyday life

provided by Black Dog Institute

Suicide is the leading cause of death for people aged 15-44 in Australia. The loss of anyone to suicide is devastating for individuals, families and their communities. Suicide prevention is a particularly complex and crucial element of student mental health and wellbeing.

The Recognise & Respond program aims to ensure that should signs of suicidality appear in anyone within your community, you are equipped with the skills they need in order to prevent further harm and loss. This module is provided online, can be completed in your own time and takes approximately 60 minutes. The unit covers:

  • recognising the signs of suicide
  • having a conversation with and supporting the person
  • providing help to the person
  • Self-care 

Click here to enroll.

Past Workshops

Preparing for Interviews

Tuesday 13 Sep 1PM - 2PM (Week One) | Kensington Campus

Learn how to make a positive first impression at your next interview. In this session, we will explore ways to conduct research prior to an interview, review common types of questions and analyse the use of the STAR technique as a framework to structure your response. Preparation is key to increasing your chance of interview success! 

Katherine Pick, Career Coach at UNSW Employability, will be facilitating the Preparing for Interviews Upskill workshop.  

Katherine has over 20 years’ experience in recruitment and human resources, predominantly within the banking and finance and retail sectors. She has worked in the tertiary education sector for over 5 years. In her current role at UNSW, Katherine specialises in providing career development learning and coaching to help students with their career decision making, planning and management and she collaborates with faculties to design and deliver career education courses.  

Skills of the Future and What Employers Want

Tuesday 20 Sep 1PM - 2PM (Week Two) | Kensington Campus

The world of work is ever-changing. Come along to this workshop to learn about global trends and find out what skills employers will be looking for in the future. Discover how you can develop those in-demand skills to future-proof your career.  

Amanda Carlon from the UNSW Employability team will be facilitating the Skills of the future and what employers want Upskill workshop. With over a decade of experience, she has designed and delivered personal and professional development programs to hundreds and hundreds of university students. Amanda is passionate about creating inclusive and engaging learning experiences. Her professional interests are in mentoring, workplace wellbeing, values and strength based leadership, organisational culture and authentic leadership.