Being a Student Leader can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your time at uni, and comes hand-in-hand with new challenges and opportunities. 

Arc is bringing you the Student Leaders' Upskill Series where you'll hear from a range of Arc staff, student leaders and external trainers to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to maximise your impact as a Student Leader.

You'll have the freedom to customise your leadership development by choosing the workshops, discussion groups, training and panels you wish to attend - you can read more about each session below.

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Make Your M-Arc By Marketing Your Club

Format: In-person, on campus

When: 12PM - 1PM TUE 08/03

Not much else is as important as making people interested in what you're doing and convincing them to join! How you grab someone's attention is a fine art these days and there's always more and more competition too. Join Sharon, our Business Development and Marketing Coordinator to understand what you need to do to stand out and how to make your promotional material appealing to potential members.

Event Planning and Organisation

Format: In-person, on campus

When: 1PM - 2PM TUE 08/03

There's a steep learning curve when it comes to making an event happen from start to finish. We all approximately know what we 'sort of' should be doing, but when it comes down to keeping track of everything that needs to happen you can become overwhelmed very easily. This workshop will be hosted by Georgia, our Events coordinator on the Clubs Team who will be providing insight and guidance on all the things you need to do to make sure your event runs perfectly.

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

Format: In-person, on campus

When: 1PM - 2PM WED 09/03

One of the most prominent leadership traits of all, being able to address a crowd with confidence and charisma is an easy way to demonstrate your capabilities as a leader. When you're in the spotlight, even the smallest things can often have a big impact on how you are perceived. Our host for this workshop, Mitch, knows all about talking in front of large crowds - you might even remember Mitch talking about Arc at your First Year Welcome! This workshop will help you learn all about the nuances to public speaking and make sure everyone pays attention when you have something to say.

Team Management and Effective Leadership

Format: In-person, on campus

When: 12PM - 1PM THU 10/03

As student leaders, you will need to take a very unique approach towards leadership and managing a team that also consists of your peers. This workshop will focus on understanding what it really means to be an effective leader and translating this into skills relevant to managing your team. Hosted by Stephen who is experienced in team management in all its various forms across student organisations, ensure you are doing the right thing for those that depend upon you by joining this workshop!

Avoiding Burnout

Format: In-person, on campus

When: 1PM - 2PM THU 10/03

Being a strong leader is a very high intensity state of existence. You motivate those around you and are constantly making things happen, when they should, where and how. On top of all this, being a student means you're also juggling your studies and all those other personal responsibilities. At the end of the day you're only human and this energy needs to come from somewhere, which means you need to know how to recharge properly too. This workshop will focus on learning the self awareness to realise when you're starting to experience burnout, practicing the discipline to address it properly and properly understanding that one of your biggest responsibilities is to yourself.

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Previous Workshops

Club Finances

Why wait until it's time to reaffiliate to organise your Club's finances? In this workshop you will gain practical tips and tricks to help you understand why it's important to manage your Clubs’ resources and finances throughout the year. We give insight into General Ledger and Expenditure documents, explain your Treasurers’ report, and run you through the importance of bank signatories. This is a great workshop for budding Treasurers or existing execs that want a recap on all things finance $$$. 

Presented By Renee Lim (Clubs & Grants Officer) & Thomas Young (Clubs & Grants Officer)

Running an Effective AGM 

In this workshop you will deep dive into how to organise your Club's General Meetings, and we give you insight into commonly overlooked errors in reaffiliation applications. From the AGM notice, online elections, to submitting your documents on SpArc... this is the workshop for you if you want to know how you can take your AGM to the next level.

Presented By Kimberley Chan (Clubs & Grants Officer)

Writing Club Nominations that Stand Out!

Do you want to nominate for the Club of the Year Awards but don’t know what to say? Whether you’re the new kid on the block or a seasoned pro, join James Wilson, Arc Clubs Engagement Co-Ordinator for a crash course on how to put your best foot forward and convince others that your Club is the one to beat!

Presented by James Wilson (Arc Clubs Engagement Co-ordinator)

Handover & Succession Planning

Did you know that 46% of organizations have effective succession planning in place? (Stanford, 2010) In this workshop, you will learn how to prepare for, conduct and thrive during the succession planning process. To ensure your club is in great hands that are ready to take the reigns, you will learn to identify the 3-stages of succession planning, explore the 4-M's of leadership development and much more!

Presented by Josh Farr (Campus Consultancy)


Linkedin is the world's leading social network for professionals wishing to connect with other professionals. It is a veritable global rolodex - forget the business cards and internet searches - find who you need and build your career on Linkedin!

With hundreds of millions of business professionals around the world using it and several million users in Australia alone, if you are looking for ways to connect with and market to other business professionals, this is the social network for you if you are a student building your career and understand its not always what you know but who you know.

What we'll cover:.

1. Top tips on setting up a top notch Linkedin profile (and how to adjust yours if you already have one)

2. The differences between free and paid accounts and whether you should pay How to find people you may wish to connect with and the RIGHT WAY to request a connection on Linkedin

3. How to quickly and easily locate and segment your contacts in Linkedin

4. The difference between recommendations and endorsements & why LinkedIn is the best place to solicit testimonials online

Presented by Yvette Adams (Training Collective)

Transforming Extracurricular into Employability

Ever been asked “Describe a time you showed leadership?” Or “Tell us about a time when you had to juggle multiple commitments?” Does your mind go blank, or do a million thoughts come to mind and manifest into a rambling mess?

Well, you’ll be relieved to hear that it’s completely normal and happens to the best of us. While its completely human to be stumped by open-end behavioural questions, there are, however, some tips and tricks that you can adopt to breakdown and feel confident in your responses. You’ve already done the hard miles in volunteering your time for club roles and sporting teams, but now it’s time to embrace these experiences and show that you’re the best candidate!

Join Minna and Scarlett and find out how you can transform your extra-curricular into employability!

Presented by Minna Annand (Arc Sports Engagement Coordinator) & Scarlett Ha (Arc Clubs Manager)

Grievance & Conflict Management

Being a Grievance Officer can go from 0 – 100 real quick. You’ve taken on a very important responsibility where the best outcome is that you never need to do anything! However, should the situation where you’re needed ever arise, it is paramount that you have the knowledge, confidence and ability to effectively handle grievances. There can be quite a bit to understand when it comes to grievances so this session is designed to help you quickly and easily learn the foundations of being a good Grievance Officer. We’ll be going through the purpose of this role, effective grievance resolution procedures and best practices when resolving grievances.

Join the Grievance & Conflict Management session to understand how to better navigate the world of grievances!

Presented by Angela Griffin (Clubs Projects) & Stephen Guo (Clubs Officer)

Goal Setting

Did you know, according to Inc. Magazine, you can increase your likelihood of achieving a goal by 76% if you follow 3 core steps? In this workshop, you will learn not just how to set S.M.A.R.T.(E.R.) goals, but also the psychology behind goal-setting, how to motivate yourself & transform dreams into results. You will take action in real-time in the workshop & see how much can be achieved in all aspects of your life. Outcomes: 

1. Identify the 8 major categories of fulfillment in life 

2. Develop S.M.A.R.T.(E.R.) goals for 2020 

3. Apply the goal-setting framework to your role as a student leader 

4. Create a 10-day plan of action to kick-start your progress 

Presented by Josh Farr (Campus Consultancy )


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