Digital Art Wall

A Collaboration of Sustainability and Art

What do we want this to be?

Although this is still a work in progress, the idea of this art wall is to promote sustainability and demonstrate how art can be used to express sustainability and how sustainability can play into artistic choices. 

With the growing population and issues around climate change and pollution, this wall will aim to be a medium that enables people to express and show that change is indeed happening. 

Over Term 3 of 2021, we will be collecting submissions, to participate, check out the steps below. 

How to participate

Anyone can join as long as they have the drive.

The theme is sustainability, you are free to express it however you like and with whatever materials you have on hand. From recyclables, sculptures with waste, messages, clothes, anything works. 


  1. Follow the event page (TBC)
  2. Form an idea and act
  3. After finishing it, take a nice photo
  4. Submit via this Google form

Featured Submissions

The Beauty of Nature

Credits: Mhway Mhway Khin Soe

Medium: IPhone

This photo was taken at Nusa Ceningan during my vacation. I was just looking out and this scene started forming. It was amazing. This photo has nothing to do with sustainability but while I was taking this photo, it made me think nature on this Earth is so beautiful on its own and we humans are the only species trying to ruin it. When will we ever realise it? Our greed, our irresponsibilities and our thoughtless minds are not helping any way in saving this Earth. It is like biting the hands that feed you. This Earth provides us with fresh air to breathe, fresh soil to grow vegetables and fruits on and fresh water to drink and yet we retrieve as much out of this Earth as possible. The day we realise it all, it is going to be just too late.


Credits: Claudia Tran

Medium: Flower arrangement, plastic

My work represents how the beauty of nature is masked by pollution.

Skateboard Upcycle Art

Credits: Louise

Medium: Skateboard and acrylic paint

This piece is done on an old skateboard, it repurposes something that was going to be thrown out and also means I haven't had to buy a canvas for my work. I was inspired by my friend's visit to Bali and squiggly lines. 

Our Awesome Submissions


Credit: Mhway Mhway Khin Soe

Medium: Scraps of Fabric 

After tailoring some clothes on my own, there are always scrap cloths left. Just too much of them. So, my sister and I decided to turn them into handmade scrunchies.

Holes Holes & Holes

Credits: Mhway Mhway Khin Soe

Medium: A pair of scissors

A few years ago, the back of my shirt was torn somehow and when it first happened, it was just 1 hole, of course. However, instead of throwing it away or just chucking it aside, I thought I could create more holes around that 1 hole by simply using a pair of scissors. It could still be counted as ''fashion''. lol And I enjoyed cutting so much that I ended up creating more holes on the top left of the shirt too. If you actually look closely, I used a white thread to sew a rectangle around some holes in front. Just to enhance the holes, I guess or just as a design. Well, believe it or not, this is my most favourite shirt till today.

Sustainable Scrunchies

Credit: Aimy Trang

Medium: Leftover clothing/curtain fabric and tailor elastic band

These are cute, DIY scrunchies I made by upcycling leftover clothing and curtain fabric. I cut the scraps into strips and threaded a tailor elastic band through the material. It started off when I needed to make a custom scrunchie for a school concert and I found that it was a fun way to reuse excess material that was going to be thrown away.


Credits: Mhway Mhway Khin Soe

Medium: Pretty used up cork board from a friend

Got a cork board from a friend that she had used it for a really long time. There were just too many holes on the side of the cork board I currently cover up with my earrings. She was going to throw it but then, I thought of a way to reuse it. I instantly thought of my earrings and how they are always in a cookies tin. lol So, I had to dive in to find a pair of earrings whenever I was going out. Sometimes, I was just too lazy to find different pairs and ended up wearing the same pairs. So, I thought if I just present it all on this cork board, it would definitely turn out to be a masterpiece and I would save the hassle of finding different pairs. I repainted the whole frame though. Maybe I can put some stickers on it to even look better!

PRadana *P stands for papers *R stands for recycle

Credits: Mhway Mhway Khin Soe

Materials/Medium: A sheet of A3 rough paper and a biodegradable tape

I have many A3 drawing papers and I was wondering what to do with them. Found a way and this is the one! I keep receiving receipts(not in my control at Asian grocery stores and others), Internet & Electricity Energy Plan advertisements which come to me as letters and some flyers. I thought of turning my A3 rough paper into a bag to throw in all of them and when the ''bag'' is full, I will throw them into the green bin below my apartment to recycle those papers.


Cedit: Mhway Mhway Khin Soe

A huge fan of Jarritos and I have been collecting those metal caps. I love coffee, tea, juices and always have a cup of any of it on my study table. So, I thought it would be ideal to have a coaster to place those drinks so there is no mark on my study table. Here it goes!

Some More Inspiration to get your Creative Juices flowing

Painting of Veggies and Fruit

Artist: Laura Neilson

Painting is a classic choice. Some ideas include:

  • Select a topic on sustainability to paint about

  • Making paint from stuff such as fruit

  • Making constraints such as using leftover paint only

Photo of Flowers in the Garden

Credit: Laura Neilson

Photography of something deep and meaningful is equally classic. Some ideas include:

  • If you're into darkroom film photography, using waste to create shadows is a thought
  • Taking a photo of the before and after effects of plastic consumption

Embroidery and Textiles

Artist: Laura Neilson

Giving clothes a new life is an excellent way to promote sustainability. Some ideas include:

  • Upcycling clothes or making new clothes from recycled textiles (scrunchies are simple, practical and sweet)
  • Repairing holes in clothing with embroidery art