Good Gardening Resources

By Luciana Wong

Gardening can be a little overwhelming and confusing if you’re just starting out, but it doesn’t have to be! Whether you’re new to gardening or just in need of some answers or inspiration, keep reading to find out some of our favourite gardening resources.

Gardening Australia

Just as you would expect, Gardening Australia tells you almost all you need to know about gardening in Australia. The ABC TV gardening show made its debut in 1990 and now has 30 seasons under its belt, which can be accessed and watched on iView for free.

On their website, you can find a whole range of gardening advice, as well as stories from local gardeners and experts from across the nation. They’ve also created an extensive guide for knowing how to grow vegetables and how to take care of pests, diseases, weeds, soil- health and other gardening troubleshooting.

With a huge database of photographs and informative descriptions, you can easily identify unfamiliar plants and increase your knowledge about native flora. This educational program shares fact sheets on ABC’s website as well, so that you can take appropriate measures to care for and learn about fruits, herbs, vegies, flowers and more. All in all, Gardening Australia provides useful tips and practical techniques for designing gardens, potting plants and composting waste.

Self Sufficient Me

With almost 1 million followers on YouTube, Aussie host of Self Sufficient Me, Mark Valencia, shares his hacks to help you make the most of your garden. Based in Queensland, Valencia promotes striving for self-sufficiency whenever you can, with whatever resources you have available.

Through his encouraging and wholesome ‘dad-like’ demeanour, he teaches viewers how to garden organically, how to grow food in your backyard and how to farm in urban environments.

Along with his blog and podcast, Valencia regularly releases a range of YouTube videos that include interesting tips for gardening beginners, among other listicles such as ‘5 vegetables that are too easy to grow’ and ‘3 upcycling hacks for growing in small spaces’.  

Self Sufficient Me is great for when you want to browse for new ideas on what to grow or how to garden more sustainably while saving money, reducing waste and recycling more.


Have you ever thought about growing a plant but wasn’t sure what time of the year would be best for planting it? Well, Gardenate can help you with that.

Designed to make it easier for you to ‘keep your kitchen garden producing’, this website lets you know which vegetables and herbs will grow during which month, depending on your climate zone.

Currently, Gardenate offers planting calendars for various temperature zones in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, the UK and USA.

This site is perfect if you’re looking for a clear and simple resource which will tell you which veggies, herbs, roots and flowers are compatible for growing, during which month.

Bunnings Warehouse & Better Homes and Gardens

These are two other trusty resources which feature great D.I.Y advice along with easy-to-follow tutorials for fixing gardening mishaps. Both their sites include general guides and videos that help answer some of the most commonly asked questions like: How to grow and care for indoor plantsHow to plant and care for succulents, and How to save a dying plant.  

Things to check out

Need a break from exam studies? Make sure to tune into The Producer’s Podcast: EncourageMINT on Spotify or Spreaker for more gardening hacks and facts!

And if you want to meet other people with a passion for the environment, get involved in UNSW’s Green Impact program! It’s a great way to brainstorm and implement sustainable ideas, while making UNSW more environmentally friendly.

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