Hi, and welcome to The Producers!

By Luciana Wong

If you’re new here, The Producers is an Arc community made up of UNSW students from all different backgrounds, who share some type of interest in anything from growing plants to finding new ways of promoting sustainability. Most people know us for our gardening activities, but The Producers is more than just a group of people who water and weed our gardens on campus. 

Who we are

Our program is comprised of 3 main groups:


Our volunteers dedicate a few hours each week participating in activities and projects which offer a greater understanding and appreciation for harvesting produce and living sustainably. 

One way this is made possible, is through working bees. These are held throughout the week, and entail a fun and informative hands-on experience with planting and maintaining our local range of veggies and herbs.

A word from our vollies...

I chose to join The Producers because I absolutely love gardening and seeing how plants and flowers benefit not only the community but the sustainability of the Earth overall. The Producers is a wonderful program which I believe creates a positive environment for people to grow produce as well as learning about the importance of sustainability.

– Lillian Systermans, student volunteer

I wanted to join The Producers because I’m interested in gut health – and obviously, food is a big player in determining how your body behaves. The Producers are also big on sustainability- both in terms of maintaining healthy bodies and environments!

I really like that the group isn’t faculty-specific and is built by heaps of different people with varying gardening experiences, and life experiences, and we can all get outside together and focus on tasks that are so far removed from the stress of studying or working.”

– Emma Sinn, student volunteer

Senior Volunteers

Our senior volunteers are Adithya Raghavan, Eric Wu, Henry Lin, Michelle Zhu, Samantha Choy and Tarik Errabih. This year, they will be leading our Creative portfolio, through designing, marketing and executing projects such as our Earth Hour Art Installation and the exciting launch of our upcoming podcast.

And finally, our Coordinator

As our Coordinator, Dom guides and works with the rest of us to ensure the smooth running of The Producers and our activities. She is also directing the Project Planning and Management portfolio, which focuses on research and experimentation for projects. Current projects include cooking recipes with our on-campus crops, and re-stabilising our Geodome greenhouse.

What we do

In addition to maintaining gardens on campus, The Producers also run events and workshops throughout the year (e.g. O-week Terrarium-making competition). We frequently collaborate with other Arc sustainability programs, like Bike-ology and the Stationery Reuse Centre (e.g. Art Installation) to work towards a more environmentally friendly future. 

You can find some of the produce we harvest outside the Arc office next to the Rainbow stairs, at the entrance of Gate 7 and on the Colombo rooftop! To keep up with what we’re up to, make sure you’re following Arc UNSW’s Instagram account, Facebook page and our corner of Arc’s website

Introducing our bloggers...

​Luciana Wong

I’m a second year International Studies/Media student and I like listening to music, eating good food and going to the beach. 

Sam Kirkwood

I’m a fourth year studying Physics/Computer Science and I like cooking, eating and filling my tiny apartment with plants.

Greta Paget

I’m studying science and engineering in fourth year and I like coastal walks and hanging out with my pets.

Bradley Frederick

I'm a Civil Engineering student on exchange from the US and I like home gardening. 

Michelle Zhu

I'm a third year studying Commerce/Science and I like hiking, travelling and watching Drag Race.