Mother's Day Edition

By Dom Lubrin

Oh, no! Can’t make it to the supermarket? Busy with exams and forgot that Mother’s day is coming up? Why, not do a beautiful handmade card for your mother?

Here are a few quick suggestions for you to make the best Mother’s day card. It’ll be certain to impress while being a quick, easy and cheap thing to do for Mother’s day!

Paper quilling

All you need are strips of paper and a quilling tool. If you don’t have a quilling tool, you can use the largest needle in your sewing kit and insert the strip of paper into the slit to curl the paper. Make a gorgeous rainbow coloured flower, heart-shape or maybe even a teddy bear!


Show your knowledge of the recipient by making a pop-up of something that they love! They’ll be absolutely surprised and delighted. It could be their favourite flowers, the night sky, or even a Game of Thrones pop-up perhaps?

Pressed herbs and flowers

Leave your chosen vibrant flower or herb in-between two sheets of tissue and place inside the middle of a book before leaving it to dry for two weeks. If you add some perfume or herb extract, it’ll be like their favourite plant coming to life!

Paint print

Dab paint onto your leaf and press onto the card to make an interesting pattern. 

Seed tape

Remove the top layer of the 2-ply tissue paper and place a small seed every two centimeters. You can create a seed border or book of seeds. Combined with your other designs, your Mother’s Day card will be both beautiful and useful! You can even use the toilet roll to make a degradable paper pot.

Tips to make a beautiful card

1. Choose a colour-scheme 

Think of the recipient’s favourite colours or the colours that you think they would adore.

2. Think of the design 

Would you prefer the front page to be the art-piece or the middle of the card?

3. Don’t overcrowd the card 

The work can become overcomplicated, messy and the recipient wouldn’t know what they’re supposed to look at.

4. Use a creative handwriting style 

Try your hand at calligraphy to add some nice finishing touches.

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