Plants to Grow During Quarantine

By Sam Kirkwood

The last few weeks have been weird. If you’re feeling anxious about everything that has been going on, or even if you just want some routine back into your life (that now consists mostly of living in your pyjamas), this enforced time at home is a great chance to embrace some gardening.

It turns out that garden therapy is something that has been around for quite a while. During the Second World War, those at home were encouraged to plant and tend to ‘victory gardens’, both to combat food shortages and to boost morale. And it’s no wonder they were such a success – there’s nothing quite like taking a moment in the mornings to water your plants and collect yourself before facing the day.

If you’ve got some plants established at home already, now is the time to really give them some TLC. Maybe you’ve been meaning to get some weeding done for a while, or you have some plants that are begging to be repotted. Taking care of something else is a great method of self-care, and the fresh air will surely help in alleviating any signs of cabin fever.

Staying at home 24/7 also really makes you think about the way you feel inside your living space. If you’ve been finding that your new workspace is feeling a little dull and dusty, consider bringing some more greenery inside. Plants like lemongrass and rosemary are a great addition to any kitchen windowsill since they’ll make the room smell great (plus, it’s super easy to make lemongrass tea – just simmer some chopped up stalks in water for a few minutes, and then add a spoonful or two of sugar before serving for a relaxing warm drink). Or, you could add a brilliant pop of colour by planting a calathea or some African violets.

Unfortunately, now isn’t the easiest time to be expanding your garden collection – social distancing guidelines currently recommend reducing unnecessary trips out as much as possible, so your trip to the nursery may have to wait a while. However, if you’re really feeling like now is the time to take care of some more plants with all your new free time, then look online for some plant delivery services. There are several websites that offer delivery (some even same-day) for a variety of cute houseplants – a few examples are Plants in a Box, Leaf Supply and Little Succers. There are also plenty of places where you can order seeds online – now is the perfect time to be planting some brassicas, root vegetables and leafy greens so that you can enjoy some delicious and healthy vegetables in the winter.

The situation we are in now is unique and more than a little scary - but by taking each day as it comes and bringing a little of the outdoors inside with us, we’ll get through it.

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