Winter is Coming – 5 Tips for a Winter Garden

By Greta Paget

Whilst the rainier weather and shorter days might seem like encouragement to stay indoors, there is plenty to be getting on with in your garden bed during winter! Seeds can be sown, contraptions created to keep your delicate seedlings nice and toasty, and general garden maintenance can be undertaken.

So without further ado, here are five tips for keeping your garden healthy and productive throughout the winter.

1) Mulching

A layer of mulch over pots and garden beds insulates plant roots and aids moisture retention in the soil. In addition, the mulch releases nutrients as it decomposes, which improves soil health.

2) Pruning

Shrubs and fruit trees can have their old or dying branches pruned and will come back with new shoots during spring.

3) Weeding

Rain in recent weeks has softened the soil, so now is the perfect time to pull out those weeds which have been taking over your pots or veggie patch!

4) Greenhousing

Upcycle your clear plastic bottles by turning then into tiny greenhouses for your seedlings! Cut a plastic bottle in half, fill the bottom half with soil and plant the seedling, then use the top half as a lid to protect the seedling from colder weather and heavy rain.

5) Planting

Start sowing seeds ready for harvest in spring! Carrot seeds, radish seeds, snow peas, broad beans, and garlic cloves can be planted directly into your garden bed. Cabbage and lettuce can be grown to seedlings in small pots (yoghurt tubs or similar containers offer another opportunity for upcycling) then the seedlings can be transplanted to a garden bed after a month or so, when their root systems are strong enough.


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