AiR - Artist in Residence Program


Arc @ UNSW Art & Design’s Artist in Residence (AiR) program is a week-long site-specific studio intensive that takes place at UNSW’s Fowlers Gap research station and surrounding areas.

AiR is a professional development program that runs independently to UNSW coursework. The aim of the program is to facilitate artists and designers, writers and curators to develop their artistic practice. They will gain real world experience by working in a new environment, away from their everyday life, in a safe, social and supportive setting. Practitioners will have the opportunity to establish new networks, new peer relationships, potential for ongoing projects, and increase knowledge and understanding of professional artistic practice, residency programs, and the locations of Fowlers Gap, Broken Hill and surrounding areas.

Artists, designers, writers and curators who are currently enrolled in a program of study at UNSW Art & Design are invited to propose a program of research to explore during their time in the AiR program. This program should be based off their creative practice at the time of application. Artists and designers can propose independent artistic research, collaborative artistic research or a combination of both. Research proposals can be for new work, or to continue existing work within the setting of Fowlers Gap, Broken Hill and surrounds. We encourage applications that are critical, experimental and consider the context of Fowlers Gap and the surrounding areas as integral to the proposed research. We encourage artists, designers, curators and writers from diverse backgrounds and all disciplines to apply.

Arc @ UNSW Art & Design acknowledges that the Artist in Residence (AiR) program takes place on unceded Aboriginal land. We would like to acknowledge the Wilyakali and Malyangapa people who are the traditional owners of the land at Fowlers Gap and Broken Hill. We pay our respects to elders, past, present and emerging and acknowledge that this will always be Aboriginal land.

Key Dates

Application Deadline: Saturday, 31 August | 11:59pm.

Applicants notified: Monday, 9 September | 5.00pm.

Artist meet and greet: Monday, 16 September.

This is an opportunity to get to know all the amazing artists and designers, writers and curators you'll be working with. Time and location TBC with successful applicants.

Pre-residency one to one mentoring: Monday, 16 September - Friday, 4 October.

This is an opportunity to discuss your research proposal with one of our experienced team members! Individual dates will be decided with successful applicants during the outlined time period. 

Residency period: Monday, 14 October – Tuesday, 22 October.

These dates must be strictly adhered to due to infrequent transport to Broken Hill.

Post-residency de-brief: Tuesday, 29 October.

This is time where you get to feedback to us how you found your time during the AiR program in a group setting. It is an opportunity to collectively digest your your experience.

Time and Location TBA with successful applicants.

Post Residency outcome: Scheduled to take place in T1 2020. Note: A detailed itinerary will be emailed to all successful applicants as part of their information pack and residency induction.

About Fowlers Gap Research Station:

The Arid Zone Research Station at Fowlers Gap (‘FG’) is a UNSW research and teaching facility, and the site of ILIRI’s Research Resident Program. Located 110 km north of Broken Hill, in the ‘Corner Country’ of the New South Wales’ far west, FG is a 38,800 hectare property featuring the stark rocky uplands of the northern Barrier Range dissected by ephemeral creeks flowing out across a shrub steppe to a floodplain of red soils. The average rainfall of 240 mm (9 inches) is distributed throughout the year. Many of the roads around FG are unsealed dirt roads that can become unpassable for a few days after rain. As FG is in an arid zone, the daytime temperatures, especially in spring and summer can be extremely high. Similarly, at night the temperature can fall rapidly becoming quite cool or cold, especially in autumn and winter.

The Green House is situated beside Homestead Creek, Fowlers Gap, separate from, but in view of the Homestead complex. The self-contained house can accommodate up to four (4) guests. Bedding and cooking/eating utensils are supplied.

The Arc @ UNSW Art & Design Grants Committee considers applications to the Studio. The Grants Committee is comprised of UNSW Art & Design students who are volunteers briefed on their role and the responsibility that they carry.

About ILIRI:

The Imaging the Land International Research Institute (‘ILIRI’) was established in 2003 by a group of artist-lecturers within UNSW Art & Design. One of ILIRI’s aims is to encourage dialogue across a widespectrum of approaches to imaging the land in art; a dialogue composed not only of words, but also of enduring artworks.

Central to this vision is the creation of opportunities for artists to work in the Australian desert. The desert is a significant site in the context of Indigenous and Western art making in Australia. Through the ILIRI Research Resident Program, ILIRI seeks to provide a unique opportunity for artists to experience the Australian desert and rethink their perceptions of the land.

About The Local Climate/Environment:

Fowlers Gap is a working research facility located in the arid zone of Western New South Wales. The climate and conditions can be very harsh especially in the summer months when the temperature can often move between 450C during the day and 300C at night. In the winter months temperatures can reach 250C during the day and fall to –80C at night. The rainfall is an average of 240mm (9 inches) and is distributed throughout the year. A small downfall of rain can make the roads un-passable for some days. A moderate level of personal fitness and reasonable agility is needed, the terrain at Fowlers Gap can be rough and uneven.

Fowlers Gap is home to many types of animals (Domestic and feral) and insects. There are many types of wildlife such as Kangaroos, small mammals, birds, lizards, snakes, bushflies, and mosquitos; livestock including sheep and cattle; working dogs; feral goats, pigs, rabbits, foxes and cats. Some kangaroos around the Homestead Complex have been hand-reared and are habituated to people. You should avoid direct contact with any animal under no circumstances provoke or feed them. You should protect yourself against biting or annoying insects, which are usually not prevalent in winter. The Vegetation contains may spiny plants (burrs) and the ground is littered with stones. Only enclosed shoes should be worn at Fowlers Gap. 

Eligibility Criteria: 

Applicants must be an active and registered Arcmember for 2019. If you’re not a member there’s no stress! Sign up today. Are you a returning member and need to renew, or are you unsure if you’re an Arc member? Visit this link to find out how to renew or check your membership. 

  • Applicants must be a UNSW Student currently enrolled in a program of Study at UNSW Art & Design in 2019. 
  • Applicants can be enrolled in Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and PhD programs. Applicants can be undertaking a full time or part time study load.
  • NOTE: Alumni, staff and non-UNSW students are not eligible for this opportunity.

Selection Criteria:

The following criteria will be used to assess all applications submitted for this opportunity:

  • The nature of your research;
  • Reasons for undertaking your proposed research;
  • Quality of the application and support material submitted;
  • Why the AiR program is necessary for the commencement and/or completion of your research;
  • The relevance of Fowlers Gap and Broken Hill to your research;
  • The contribution the AiR program will make towards the development of your graduate attributes;
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered for this opportunity.

How To Apply:

To apply for Arc @ UNSW Art & Design’s AiR program you will need to:

  • Read the selection and eligibility criteria above carefully to make sure you qualify for this opportunity. See the selection and eligibility criteria below.
  • Read the full Terms and Conditions.
  • Be an active and registered Arc member for 2019. If you’re not a member there’s no stress! Sign up today LINK. Are you a returning member and need to renew, or are you unsure if you’re an Arc member? Visit this link to find out how to renew or check your membership LINK.
  • Fill out the online application form and provide all the material requested.

What's in the online application form?

In the online application you will need to provide:

  • Your research rationale. This is a description of the research you would like to undertake while out at Fowlers Gap. What are the activities you will undertake and what are the concepts/ideas behind your research (Maximum 2,500 characters. Approx 300 words).
  • Your artist statement. Outline of your creative practice to date, experience, interests and the ideas that inform your practice (Maximum 2,500 characters. Approx 300 words).
  • Outline how you will use your time in AiR program to develop and expand your creative practice. How and why will this opportunity benefit you as a professional artist, designer, writer or curator (Maximum 2,500 characters. Approx 300 words).

Hot tip: use language that is clear and easy to understand. Avoid technical language. If you need to use technical language please define it in your answers

Support Material

You will need to submit one PDF containing the following support material:

  • Maximum one page CV outlining your experience in your artistic field to date.

    Not sure how to write an artist or designer CV? Check out this resource for some hot tips on how to put yours together.
  • Up to 10 images that support your creative practice. - Up to 5 Links for audio visual support material.

Additional support material you may wish to submit, but is not required:

  • A letter of support from an industry professional you have had a working relationship with.

    This could be a lecturer, your supervisor, or an administrator/manager from an organisation you have previously worked with in your artistic career to date.

What Now?

The review committee will meet approx. two weeks after the deadline for applications close.

All applicants will be contacted by the Arc @ UNSW A&D Manager via email informing them of the outcome of their application.

When an applicant is successful for the Program, they will be sent our online terms and conditions of residency document to read through and sign before AiR takes place. This document is mandatory for participation in the AiR Program. No exceptions will be made.

Residents will undergo an induction about Fowlers Gap and Broken Hill Prior to the departure date of the AiR Program and a safety and emergency procedure induction once they arrive at Fowlers Gap. Residents will also be provided with a detailed itinerary of the AiR program.

Residents will receive a $200 Artist fee to help facilitate their artistic research while on residency. The cost of accommodation, train fares, hire car fees, some meals and select site visits will be covered by Arc @ UNSW Limited. All Artists and Designers on residency will be expected to have/provide their own Medicare, Private health insurance, Travel insurance or combination of the aforementioned where applicable for each individual.

Applicants must agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of Arc, ILIRI and FG prior to the Residency.


After Your Visit

After your visit you are required to write a brief report and submit it electronically via our online aquittal form.

You are required to write a maximum of 500 words detailing your intention, your experience during the AiR program the result of the research you have undertaken during the residency. Please note that projects worked on during the AiR program do not have to result in a finished work, we just want to know your outcome and what direction it has taken your research.

You are also required to include documentation in the form of images, links and / or written material produced during the AiR Program. You will be able to upload these through the online form.

One week after the conclusion of the AiR Program all the artists and designers, curators and writers selected will have the opportunity to get together in an informal context and debrief about your experience. This is a time where you get to feedback to us how you found your time during the AiR program in a group setting. It is an opportunity to collectively digest and reflect on your experience. The time and location of the group de-brief will be confirmed with successful applicants.



Before submitting your application to Arc @ UNSW’s AiR: Artist in Residence Program, please be aware that successful applicants are subject to the following terms and conditions.   

By clicking “I agree” You confirm that You understand, agree to and accept all terms and conditions contained here.


  1. The resident is an approved applicant under Arc @ UNSW Ltd's Green house Program. 
  2. You are subject to the rules, regulations, procedures and policies of UNSW, Art & Design, Arc and ILIRI as amended from time to time and will do all such things and take all such steps to ensure compliance with those rules, regulations, procedures and policies. This includes, without limitation, occupational health and safety, security, discrimination, harassment, privacy and the use of information technology. This document does not subsume any of UNSW's policies and codes of conduct and should be read in conjunction with those documents. You and any approved accompanying guests are each required to comply with these terms and conditions. 
  3. You are required to make all Your own travel arrangements and bookings to and from Fowlers Gap. You must meet the full cost of the Residency including all air/train fares to and from Fowlers Gap, health and travel insurance, cost of transfers, maintenance fee costs at Fowlers Gap (non-Arc members), vehicle hire, meals and all other ancillary costs. 
  4. You are required to contact Keith Leggett, Director of UNSW Arid Zone Research station at Fowlers Gap or their nominee at least 4 days before arrival at Fowlers Gap to arrange a meeting time with the Director or his nominee. 
  5. Email: 
  6. Phone: 08 8091 2511 (admin office hours only). 
  7. On arrival at Fowlers Gap, You are required to undergo an induction with the Director or his nominee and, in doing so, provide such information (including the medical condition of the resident and anybody accompanying them; this is inclusive of physical health and mental health) and to complete amd sign the documents (including these terms and conditions if not already signed) as UNSW Art & Design, Arc, ILIRI (or their nominee) may require. You agree that the information is required to comply with these terms and conditions in such a manner and extent as UNSW Art & Design, Arc ILIRI or the Director (or their nominee) determine. 
  8. During the residency, You are required to make daily contact with the Director or their nominee either in person or by internal phone system in the homestead complex. NOTE: There is a pre-paid landline telephone at the Fowlers Gap Homestead complex for external calls but full mobile coverage is only available with mobile satellite phones (Iridium or Global star networks). There is no 3G or GSM coverage and very limited CDMA coverage for conventional mobile phones. 
  9. You and any accompanying guests are required to know the location of the two Royal Flying Doctor Service medical chests at the Homestead Complex and how to access them. Other than in an emergency, You and any accompanying guests should consult with a UNSW employee at the Homestead, where practical, before accessing the chest. 
  10. A First aid kit is available at the Green House and must be kept easily accessible in the living area at all times. Within 24 hours of it's use you agree to advise the director so that the kit may be re-stocked. 
  11. You and any accompanying guests are required to disclose to Arc @ UNSW Ltd if You or Your guests have any pre-existing physical or mental health conditions that may affect Your time out at Fowlers Gap. This information will be held confidential by Arc @ UNSW Ltd. Arc acknowledges that You have provided this information in good faith and is as a accurate as possible. Arc will not be held responsible for the provision of misinformation in regard to your physical and mental health and will not be held liable for any incident that may occur as a result. The information provided by You will be used for the sole purpose of ensuring that You are provided with support where appropriate for Your stay at the Green House within Arc's reasonable control. 
  12. You and an accompanying guests are required to know the location of and safe operation of fire extinguishers and smoke detectors. It is an offence under law to disable such appliances. 
  13. Smoking of any substance is not permitted in the accommodation and other nominated buildings as signed. 
  14. You agree that the residency at Fowlers Gap is, at all times, at the absolute discretion of the director of Fowlers Gap, an authorised member of Arc @ UNSW Ltd, an authorised officer from UNSW Art & Design, and the ILIRI Committee. 
  15. Unless a variation is approved by the Grants Committe or an authorised member of Arc @ UNSW Ltd, You must use Your residency solely for the purpose for which it was approved and the commencement and completion dates of Your residency must be adhered to. Arc @ UNSW Ltd has the right to cancel Your residency if the residency is not used for the purpose for which it was offered, or if any activities are not completed within the dates specified in Your contract.  
  16. Reasons for variation in Your residency over the course of it's development must be outlined in a one page document and approved upon consultation with the Grants Committee or an authorised member of Arc @ UNSW Ltd.  
  17. Should Your residency be cancelled due to reasons beyond Your control resulting in the failure or non-completion of your original residency, e.g. strikes, riots, fires, floods, explosions, natural disasters, serious accidents, acts of governments, acts of god or the public enemy, failure of transportation, epidemics, or quarantine restrictions. You may resubmit a proposal to change Your residency, remaining within the same dates, upon consultation with the Grants Committee and an authorised member of Arc @ UNSW Ltd.  
  18. You and each accompanying guest/s recognise that Your stay at the Green House is at Your own risk and agree not to make any claim or seek reimbursement or compensation whatsoever from UNSW, Art & Design, Arc @ UNSW, ILIRI or their employees or agents if due to weather conditions or the impassability of roads You or any accompanying guests are prevented from travelling to or from Fowlers Gap or misses travel connections or flights. 
  19. You may only submit one application per residency. In the instance where multiple applications have been submitted for an exhibition only one will be considered by the Kudos Committee.  
  20. Decisions of the Grants Committee are final, so please include all relevant information in your application. You may only submit another application for the same Residency if you are invited to. If You were unsuccessful simply due to a large number of applications in a round (limited gallery space), you may be invited to resubmit the same application. For feedback on your application you may contact  
  21. Arc shall not be responsible for or deemed to be in default by reason of delays in or failure to provide the residency due to causes beyond its reasonable control e.g. strikes, fires, floods, explosions, natural disasters, serious accidents, acts of God, and failure of transportation.


  1. Except for the Green House and Ochre House, all accommodation at Fowlers Gap is contained within the Homestead Complex, which has at least one resident staff member at all times. The Green House is situated 1km beside Homestead Creek remote from, but in view of the Homestead complex. Occupants of the Green House must be self-reliant and pro-active if they require assistance. 
  2. The resident may be accompanied by no more than four approved persons (allowing a maximum of five in residence at any one time). It is agreed that You are responsible for the conduct and behavior of any accompanying person/s. You agree that no children under 18 are permitted to accompany You to Fowlers Gap. 

  3. Pets are under no circumstances permitted at Fowlers Gap. 

  4. At the Conclusion of the residency, You must leave the accommodation area occupied by You clean, in good condition and repair, in regard to the condition it was in at the start of Your residency period. You must remove all waster from the accommodation area and dispose of it as the Director or his nominee determine, refer to section 7. Waste Disposal. All windows and doors to the Green house are properly closed upon departure. 

  5. You will be provided with a departure checklist to ensure you meet cleaning standards. The checklist includes: sweep and mop internal and balcony floors, clean and out away dishes, clean kitchen, clean BBQ, ensure gas is turned off, strip bed sheets and leave somewhere for laundry to collect with towels, clean bathroom (wipe down shower and sink).


  1. You and any accompanying guests are required to make Your own way to and from Fowlers Gap and have a reliable and road worthy vehicle, preferably, a four wheel drive vehicle, or reliable transport service. 
  2. Limited quantities of fuel are (unleaded and diesel) are kept at Fowlers Gap. You may purchase fuel from Fowlers Gap and in doing so agree to paying in cash at the time of dispensing. 

Financial Information

  1. Arc @ UNSW agrees to subsidise the cost of accommodation at the Green House for all Arc members undertaking the Green House Residency Program. Non Arc members travelling to Fowlers Gap under the Green House Residency Program will be required to pay for their own accommodation. 
  2. You agree that all accompanying persons who are not Arc members will pay for their own accommodation costs. Guests of Arc members staying at the Green House will be charged $30 per person, per night, payable to Fowlers Gap as below. 
  3. Only Accommodation at the Green House is subsidised by Arc @ UNSW for Arc members only, all other costs incurred during the residency are Your responsibility and must be paid direct to Fowlers Gap. 
  4. Arc does not subsidise the cost of transport to and from Fowlers. The cost of Transport is Your own responsibility. 
  5. You agree to paying the $50 deposit required from each resident to ensure that the residence is kept clean. If the Green House is kept clean and tidy the deposit is full refundable on departure. 
  6. All outstanding costs for Your residency including accommodation costs at Fowlers Gap, purchases and other services must be settled by You by payment in cash (AUD) inclusive of GST prior to departure from Fowlers Gap or monthly long-term visits. 
  7. Personal cheques drawn on an Australian Bank may be accepted at the discretion of the Director (or nominee). 
  8. There are no eftpos or credit card facilities at Fowlers Gap. The nearest such facilities are located in Broken Hill which has branches for all major Australian banks except NAB. 
  9. You agree to pay UNSW the cost of repairing or making good any damage caused to the residence, studio or grounds of Fowlers Gap by You or anybody accompanying You while You were in occupation of the residence. 

Financial Penalties

  1. The $50 cleaning bond will be withheld and not refunded to You by Fowlers Gap Research Station if Your accommodation does not meet the cleaning standards as determined by the Research facility director or their nominated representative. 
  2. You will be charged a non-negotiable cleaning bill if You fail to meet the cleaning checklist on departure, refer to section 3. Accommodation.  
  3. The cost of repairing or making good any damage caused by You or anybody accompanying You while You are in residence at Fowlers Gap will be determined by the Director (or nominee) of the Fowlers Gap research station. You agree to paying the full amount invoiced to You in the event damages are caused by You. 

Loss or Damage

  1. Arc @ UNSW Limited accepts no responsibility for loss, damage or theft of, equipment, personal items and money during Your residency.  
  2. Arc @ UNSW does not insure equipment or personal items.
  3. You are responsible for all equipment at the Green house during Your residency. All items will be checked on the condition report at the beginning and end of Your residency. Any loss or damage of goods beyond wear and tear shall require repairs and may require replacement. If repairs or replacement costs exceed the amount of the bond, repayment will be required within one month of the end of Your residency to Fowlers Gap.  
  4. Willful vandalism to the Green House by You will automatically ban You from participating in the Green House Residency program in future. Financial penalties will also apply. 

Environmental Protection and Self Sufficiency

  1. At Fowlers Gap there is an emphasis on environmental protection and self sufficiency, see terms and conditions outlined below: 
  2. Water is scarce and must be used economically and efficiently at all times, especially if drought conditions prevail. 
  3. There is no garbage pickup or collection, all rubbish must be disposed of as the director (or nominee) determines. External bins are provided and storage of food scraps and other rubbish inside a residence at Fowlers Gap is discouraged as it attracts vermin and insects. 
  4. Gas and electrical heating equipment as well as lights and appliances must be turned off when not in use or on retiring to sleep. Fans and evaporative coolers (if available) should be switched off if the residence is unoccupied for more than 30 minutes. 
  5. Fire wood may not be collected nor are any fires allowed in the Homestead area without permission of the Director (or nominee). Any wood fire must not be left unattended and must be extinguished on absence from the residence or on retiring to sleep. 
  6. No living plant can be cut. 
  7. No resident/s or person accompanying You are permitted to keep or carry an enabled firearm or to discharge it at Fowlers Gap. All firearms must be given to the Director for safe keeping during the length of the residency. 
  8. Excessive noise is to be avoided at night. The noise of any audio device is to be contained within the residence. 
  9. Bed linen and towels are supplied once for the duration of the residency. The resident is responsible for laundering the bed linen and towels. 
  10. The Homestead Complex is a shared pedestrian and vehicle area with people walking around this zone at various irregular times of the day and night. Kangaroos, birds and other wildlife have free access to grounds and may be research subjects or cherished hand-reared individuals whose injury or death by an inattentive driver will not be tolerated. 
  11. Around the Homestead Complex the maximum speed is 10kph. Pedestrians and vehicles are required to stay on existing tracks and roadways and not drive across open space. 
  12. You agree that you have read, understand and acknowledge the harsh nature of the local climate at Fowlers Gap, and that you will abide by the rules outlined in above in order to minimise Your impact on the local environment.

Identification and Travel Documents

  1. If you and any accompanying guest/s are not Australian citizens and are travelling to Australia from overseas You are required, at Your own expense, to obtain adequate travel insurance including medical, hospital, and dental cover for the duration of Your residency period as a visiting fellow, student, artist or scholar.
  2. You must organise appropriate travel insurance prior to your departure for Fowlers Gap. 


  1. If You are deemed to be successful by the Art & Design Grants Committee, You are required to acquit your residency and submit to the Arc @ UNSW Art & Design Manager.
  2. You agree that your acquittal is due no later than two weeks after the completion of your proposed residency. 
  3. In Your acquittal, You are required to include; a recount of Your residency, an evaluation of the successes and challenges of Your residency, all receipts from expenditure associated with Your residency, and high quality photo documentation of Your residency. 
  4. You are required to submit your acquittal and supporting documentation via Arc @ UNSW's online acquittal form (link). If Your documentation is in the form of a video or an online publication You must provide Arc @ UNSW Art & Design with an accessible link. 

Resident Obligations

  1. Residency for successful applicants is contingent on Arc receiving: 
  2. A completed application with all required information. Incomplete application forms will not be eligible for a Green House Studio Residency. 
  3. A completed and signed contract where You agree to all the terms and conditions outlined in this document. 
  4. You agree to participating in any activities related to Arc @ UNSW upon invitation in regards to Your successful application and residency. This may include but is not limited to: 
  5. Articles for all Arc @ UNSW publications (arcadia, blitz, Framework etc). 
  6. Student forums, information sessions or artist/designer/producer/curator/writer/coordinator talks. 
  7. Representing Arc @ UNSW at functions and events. 
  8. Your involvement in Arc related events and activities will be documented for archival, marketing and communications purposes. 
  9. This documentation will be available for your use and also for Arc @ UNSW's use for any publications, marketing, events, activities, social media or any online platform. 

Photographic Release  

  1. By submitting an application, You agree that information about the successes and challenges of your residency, photographic documentation, videos or content published online provided in your acquittal may be used for marketing or promotional purposes. 
  2. Arc reserves the right to use Your likeness and work in any photographs, video or audio recordings provided to Arc or taken by Arc, during or after Your residency, for any legitimate purpose without further approval from You.  
  3. You agree to release Arc from any and all claims and demands arising out of or in connection with the use of Your likeness and work, including but not limited to, claims for invasion of privacy, defamation, or financial compensation 


  1. This agreement (which includes the Waiver of Liability form) is intended to be as broad and inclusive as permitted by the laws of New South Wales, Australia, and shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of New South Wales. In the event that any clause or provision of this agreement be held to be invalid by any court of competent jurisdiction, the invalidity of such clause or provision shall not otherwise affect the remaining provisions which shall continue to be enforceable.  

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Terms and Conditions: The Green House Residency


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