Artist in Residence Program

Comin' in like a western wind, Kudos AiR: Artis in Residence program is returning to Fowlers Gap in 2023!

Arc @ UNSW Art & Design acknowledges that the Artist in Residence (AiR) program takes place on unceded Aboriginal land. We would like to acknowledge the Wilyakali and Malyangapa people who are the traditional owners of the land at Fowlers Gap and Broken Hill. We pay our respects to elders, past, present and emerging and acknowledge that this will always be Aboriginal land.

Kudos and Arc @ UNSW Creative's Artist in Residence (AiR) program is a week-long site-specific studio intensive that takes place at UNSW’s Fowlers Gap research station and surrounding areas.

AiR is a professional development program that runs independently to UNSW coursework. The aim of the program is to facilitate artists and designers, writers and curators to develop their artistic practice. They will gain real world experience by working in a new environment, away from their everyday life, in a safe, social and supportive setting. Practitioners will have the opportunity to establish new networks, new peer relationships, potential for ongoing projects, and increase knowledge and understanding of professional artistic practice, residency programs, and the locations of Fowlers Gap, Broken Hill and surrounding areas.  

Artists, designers, writers and curators who are currently enrolled in a program of study at UNSW school of Art & Design are invited to propose a program of research to explore during their time in the AiR program. This program should be based off their creative practice at the time of application. Artists and designers can propose independent artistic research, collaborative artistic research or a combination of both. Research proposals can be for new work, or to continue existing work within the setting of Fowlers Gap, Broken Hill and surrounds. We encourage applications that are critical, experimental and consider the context of Fowlers Gap and the surrounding areas as integral to the proposed research. We encourage artists, designers, curators and writers from diverse backgrounds and all disciplines to apply.

Successful applicants selected for the program will receive:

  • Paid return student train fare to Broken Hill from Sydney Central station;
  • One nights accommodation at the iconic Palace hotel on arrival in Broken Hill;
  • Full shared accommodation at UNSW Fowlers Gap research station in the dorms, Green House and/orcottages;
  • Free roaming access to all locations at UNSW Fowlers Gap research station, with the possibility of guided visits.
  • Artistic and professional mentoring from Kudos through-out the AiR program;
  • A tangible outcome at the end of the residency, this can be in the form of but is not limited to: an artist publication, event or exhibition. This will be decided in consultation with the selected practitioners of the 2023 AiR program.

Please note: AiR is a professional development opportunity for students to gain real world experience working in an artistic residency context. This program does not count and cannot be used as credit points toward your coursework or degree program.

Key Dates

Application Deadline: TBC

Applicants notified: TBC

Artist meet and greet: TBC

This is an opportunity to get to know all the amazing artists and designers, writers and curators you'll be working with. Time and location TBC with successful applicants.

Pre-residency one to one mentoring: TBC

This is an opportunity to discuss your research proposal with one of our experienced team members! Individual dates will be decided with successful applicants during the outlined time period. 

Residency period: TBC

These dates must be strictly adhered to due to infrequent transport to Broken Hill.

Post-residency de-brief: TBC

This is time where you get to feedback to us how you found your time during the AiR program in a group setting. It is an opportunity to collectively digest your your experience.

Time and Location TBA with successful applicants.

Post Residency outcome: TBC

Note: A detailed itinerary will be emailed to all successful applicants as part of their information pack and residency induction. 


Application Deadline: Saturday, 31 August | 11:59pm

Submit your application today!

Eligibility & Selection Criteria

The residency is intended to facilitate commencement or completion of a specific project by the applicants. Artists, designers, curators and writers from diverse backgrounds and all disciplines are eligible to apply. Applications for projects that are collaborative will also be accepted.

Selection will be based on an applicant’s ability to successfully complete the application form, providing all information requested and their ability to address the selection criteria outlined below. The selection criteria should be addressed in the written components of your application.

All Applicants are required to read through the AiR Programs full Terms and Conditions before submitting an application. Click through the link below.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants must be an active and registered Arc member for 2023. If you’re not a member there’s no stress! Sign up today. Are you a returning member and need to renew, or are you unsure if you’re an Arc member? Visit this link to find out how to renew or check your membership.
  • Applicants must be a UNSW Student currently enrolled in a program of Study at UNSW School of Art & Design in 2023. Applicants can be enrolled in Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and PhD programs. Applicants can be undertaking a full time or part time study load.

NOTE: Alumni, staff and non-UNSW students are not eligible for this opportunity.

Selection Criteria

The following criteria will be used to assess all applications submitted for this opportunity:

  • The nature of your research;
  • Reasons for undertaking your proposed research;
  • Quality of the application and support material submitted;
  • Why the AiR program is necessary for the commencement and/or completion of your research;
  • The relevance of Fowlers Gap and Broken Hill to your research;
  • The contribution the AiR program will make towards the development of your graduate attributes;
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered for this opportunity.

How to Apply

To apply for Kudos and Arc Creatives AiR program you will need to:

  • Read the selection and eligibility criteria above carefully to make sure you qualify for this opportunity. See the selection and eligibility criteria below.
  • Read the full Terms and Conditions.
  • Be an active and registered Arc member for 2023. If you’re not a member there’s no stress! Sign up today LINK. Are you a returning member and need to renew, or are you unsure if you’re an Arc member? Visit this link to find out how to renew or check your membership LINK.
  • Fill out the online application form and provide all the material requested.

What's in the online application form?

In the online application you will need to provide: 

  • Your research rationale. This is a description of the research you would like to undertake while out at Fowlers Gap. What are the activities you will undertake and what are the concepts/ideas behind your research (Maximum 2,500 characters. Approx 300 words). 
  • Your artist statement. Outline of your creative practice to date, experience, interests and the ideas that inform your practice (Maximum 2,500 characters. Approx 300 words). 
  • Outline how you will use your time in AiR program to develop and expand your creative practice. How and why will this opportunity benefit you as a professional artist, designer, writer or curator (Maximum 2,500 characters. Approx 300 words). 

Hot tip: use language that is clear and easy to understand. Avoid technical language. If you need to use technical language please define it in your answers

Support Material

You will need to submit one PDF containing the following support material:

  • Maximum one page CV outlining your experience in your artistic field to date.

    Not sure how to write an artist or designer CV? Check out this resource for some hot tips on how to put yours together.
  • Up to 10 images that support your creative practice. - Up to 5 Links for audio visual support material.

Additional support material you may wish to submit, but is not required:

  • A letter of support from an industry professional you have had a working relationship with.

    This could be a lecturer, your supervisor, or an administrator/manager from an organisation you have previously worked with in your artistic career to date.

What Now?

The review committee will meet approx. two weeks after the deadline for applications close.

All applicants will be contacted by the Arc Creative Manager via email informing them of the outcome of their application.

When an applicant is successful for the Program, they will be sent our online terms and conditions of residency document to read through and sign before AiR takes place. This document is mandatory for participation in the AiR Program. No exceptions will be made.

Residents will undergo an induction about Fowlers Gap and Broken Hill Prior to the departure date of the AiR Program and a safety and emergency procedure induction once they arrive at Fowlers Gap. Residents will also be provided with a detailed itinerary of the AiR program.

The cost of accommodation, train fares, hire car fees, some meals and select site visits will be covered by Arc @ UNSW Limited. All Artists and Designers on residency will be expected to have/provide their own Medicare, Private health insurance, Travel insurance or combination of the aforementioned where applicable for each individual.

Applicants must agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of Arc, ILIRI and Fowlers Gap prior to the Residency.

After Your Visit

After your visit you are required to write a brief report and submit it electronically via our online aquittal form.

You are required to write a maximum of 500 words detailing your intention, your experience during the AiR program the result of the research you have undertaken during the residency. Please note that projects worked on during the AiR program do not have to result in a finished work, we just want to know your outcome and what direction it has taken your research.

You are also required to include documentation in the form of images, links and / or written material produced during the AiR Program. You will be able to upload these through the online form.

One week after the conclusion of the AiR Program all the artists and designers, curators and writers selected will have the opportunity to get together in an informal context and debrief about your experience. This is a time where you get to feedback to us how you found your time during the AiR program in a group setting. It is an opportunity to collectively digest and reflect on your experience.

The time and location of the group de-brief will be confirmed with successful applicants.

About the Location

The Location

About Fowlers Gap

The Arid Zone Research Station at Fowlers Gap (‘FG’) is a UNSW research and teaching facility, and the site of ILIRI’s Research Resident Program. Located 110 km north of Broken Hill, in the ‘Corner Country’ of the New South Wales’ far west, FG is a 38,800 hectare property featuring the stark rocky uplands of the northern Barrier Range dissected by ephemeral creeks flowing out across a shrub steppe to a floodplain of red soils. The average rainfall of 240 mm (9 inches) is distributed throughout the year. Many of the roads around FG are unsealed dirt roads that can become unpassable for a few days after rain. As FG is in an arid zone, the daytime temperatures, especially in spring and summer can be extremely high. Similarly, at night the temperature can fall rapidly becoming quite cool or cold, especially in autumn and winter.

The Green House is situated beside Homestead Creek, Fowlers Gap, separate from, but in view of the Homestead complex. The self-contained house can accommodate up to four (4) guests. Bedding and cooking/eating utensils are supplied.

The Arc Kudos Committee considers applications to the Studio. The Kudos Committee is comprised of UNSW Arts. Design and Architecture students who are volunteers briefed on their role and the responsibility that they carry.


The Imaging the Land International Research Institute (‘ILIRI’) was established in 2003 by a group of artist-lecturers within UNSW Art & Design. One of ILIRI’s aims is to encourage dialogue across a widespectrum of approaches to imaging the land in art; a dialogue composed not only of words, but also of enduring artworks.

Central to this vision is the creation of opportunities for artists to work in the Australian desert. The desert is a significant site in the context of Indigenous and Western art making in Australia. Through the ILIRI Research Resident Program, ILIRI seeks to provide a unique opportunity for artists to experience the Australian desert and rethink their perceptions of the land.

Image credits: 1 & 2) Kieran Butler, Untitled, 2017.

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