Tue 20 Apr – Sat 01 May

AD Space Exhibition: Geniza

A solo exhibition by Rodney Love

  • Art & Design

Opening: Tuesday 20.04.21, 6-8pm

Exhibition continues: 21.04.21-01.05.21

Closing: Saturday 01.05.21, 2-4pm

A geniza is a depository for sacred Jewish writings, a waiting room between the world of daily use, and final destruction. The installation Geniza consists of thousands of items discarded from Rodney Love’s life, items that have been shredded or cut up, and rematerialised into 600 textiles, rolled into scrolls, and displayed on shelves in imitation of an archive-like space. Collectively they present a biography of the artist’s life from the mid-1980s up to the present day, and give an indication of the social connections, work life, personal tastes, and artistic history of the artist. The installation seeks to remind viewers of the role that artefacts play in their own lives, to make them think of the stories that those artefacts can tell, and how they can share the histories, memories and narratives of their personal possessions through archival practices. The exhibition will end with the dispersal of all these items from the artist’s life, and viewers are welcome to take weavings on the final day.

Artist’s profile

Rodney Love is a PhD student at UNSW Art & Design, and this exhibition is the culmination of an eight-year research journey. The artist also has an MFA, and a BFA (Hons) from UNSW. He has exhibited in many group and solo shows at artist-run, private, and public galleries, in all states of Australia, and overseas.

Image Courtesy of the Artist.