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Arc Honorary Life Membership | Nominations Open

Nominations are open!

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Honorary Life Membership is a recognition by the Board for outstanding achievement and/or dedication to Arc In spirit, Honorary Life Membership is a significant honour. Its intent is to recognise those who have made an outstanding contribution to the governance of Arc, its strategic development or other aspects of Arc’s development as an organisation.

Who should be nominated?
The following persons are eligible for Honorary Life Membership:
• Any persons who have shown outstanding achievement and dedication to Arc over a period of time, which has greatly benefited Arc.
• Self nominations will not be accepted.

Not eligible for the award:
• Current members of the Arc Board or any of its Subcommittees.
• Current Arc Office Bearers.
• Previous recipients of Honorary Life Membership.
• Previous recipients of the Heinz Harant Award, unless significant additional unrecognised contributions have been made.

Who can nominate?
Arc members (students, associate and Alumni members).
Arc staff members.
• Alumni member of UNSW or Arc.

Nominations will close at 4PM on Thursday 2nd April 2021.