Call out: Kudos offsite - August Collective Exhibition EOI

Kudos is seeking expressions of interest from emerging arts practitioners for an upcoming August exhibition at our new ANZAC Parade location.

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Kudos is seeking expressions of interest from emerging arts practitioners for an upcoming August exhibition. The intention of this exhibition is to build a stronger coalition and solidarity between Eora/Sydney based students, artists, collectives and strengthen the case for the necessity of strong, flourishing, supported arts schools and communities. Grounded in ideas of collaboration, Without trying to represent a whole chorus of voices, this exhibition we hope is just one small start, one experiment, and one attempt towards building stronger networks of creatives. And maybe inspires others to do so too.  

In recognising that our student arts communities exist well beyond the walls of the classrooms we want to come together to exhibit and learn in new and different ways. As Moten and Harney the Undercommons teach us 'that study is what you do with other people. It’s talking and walking around with other people, working, dancing, suffering, some irreducible convergence of all three, held under the name of speculative practice.'

This exhibition is a collaboration between Kudos and students from NAS and SCA for an exhibition in Kudos' new Anzac Pde space in August. This exhibition will feature works from the Kudos Committee and UNSW ADA students, as well as students from NAS and students from SCA students and just students of life! EOIs are open to all art disciplines and experiences.  

Running for the duration of August, and students and artists will be granted the ability to autonomously arrange public programs, performances, workshops if they so wish! If selected we would like to have artists present for install, de-install, and assist with some gallery minding and other gallery duties where applicable.  

The Kudos Committee aims for our new space to be a low-pressure high-support system. Low pressure in that we offer affordable space for artists and students, so that artists have the freedom to experiment and make work that is less commercial; and high support in creating an environment that’s collaborative, inspiring, non-judgmental and safe. We propose the space to work towards a circular ecology in that practitioners all collectively contribute to the space in small ways for the common goal of facilitating such a space.  


Our current deadline is June 30th 11:59pm. Our application form will automatically close at this time.
If you are having trouble getting your application in on time just get in touch with us via email: and or