Call out: KUDOS studios, apply to be one of Kudos' first artist in residence.

Apply to be one of Kudos' first artist in residence!

Application opening soon.
  • Art & Design

Kudos is delighted to announce our new temporary spaces at 121, 123, 125 and 178 Anzac Parade, Kensington, on the land of the Bidjigal and Gadigal land. Kudos is delighted to run a dynamic exhibition and studio program across four dynamic spaces for the remainder of the year. Creating a bridge between students at UNSW Art & Design and the broader arts community, Kudos we provide a platform for emerging practitioners, to develop and exhibit their work.

The intention for our studios is for it to be collectively self-sustaining. The Kudos Committee hopes this new space can be a meeting and conversational space, and a space that allows for artists to explore and experiment with their ideas and practices. The idea is for a 'low pressure-high support' model; low pressure in that we offer affordable space for artists and students, so that artists have the freedom to take risks, experiment and make work that is less commercial; and high support in creating an environment that’s collaborative, supportive, and exciting. The Kudos Committee hopes this will generate a sustainable ecology in that the space is sustained and maintained by the studio artists and the artists are supported by the studio spaces. 

Applications coming soon...