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Compulsory Arc Clubs AGM & Reaffiliation Workshops

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Compulsory Arc Clubs AGM & Reaffiliation Workshops

The Arc Clubs Team are running workshops to help current Clubs Executives understand how to run AGMs and reaffiliate with Arc successfully and on time to have everything set up and ready for 2019.

The workshop is a single 1 hour workshop which will cover key information relating to AGMs and Reaffiliation, including important tips, helpful links and templates to use. These workshops will run from Week 1 to Week 7 at the Arc Clubs Office.

Note: the UNSW3+ Preparation Guide for Arc Clubs published a few weeks ago mentioned that there will be 2 sets of workshops: AGM Training & Reaffiliation Training. These have been combined into one workshop for 2018. The guide has been updated to reflect this change.

It is compulsory for at least 1 Executive from each Club to attend the workshop. If an executive is part of multiple Club executives they can represent more than 1 Club as well. Having said that, any additional interested the Clubs Executives are welcome to attend the workshops as well

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