WK5Thu 30 Jun

Cosy Anime Night

Anime, good company and miso soup. Does it get any better?


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  • Creative
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POV: You’re cold, bored and lonely on a Thursday night, until… 

You step into the Arc Creative student lounge and are immediately bathed in warmth. You are welcomed in with a cup of miso soup, a tasty onigiri, and a prime spot on the couch. 

As the night unfolds you’re enthralled by a choice selection of anime films like Akira (1988) & Paprika (2006). You look around at the wrapt faces of your fellow students, and realise you’re home. 

Thank you ANIME! 

Come alone, with a friend, or in whatever way makes you comfy. 

Keen to see you there :) 

When: Thursday 30/6, 6pm-10pm. 

Where: Arc Creative student lounge, Paddington Campus.