Thu 11 Jul – Thu 08 Aug

Culture Cafe | Tea & Talk

G'day! Culture Cafe is your one stop shop for new friends and casual English practice.


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UNSW is a vast melting pot of incredibly cultures, languages and diverse backgrounds. We're inviting everyone to celebrate diversity over biscuits and tea.

Culture Cafe is a casual gathering of those wanting to practice their English and meet new people. The session will have a loose structure around some prompt cards but you're welcome to talk to anyone about anything!

Everyone is welcome! Ideally you will want to improve your English language skills, but even if you've mastered English you're welcome to just come socialise.

Session Themes
WK 2: Australian Culture
WK 4: Uni Life
WK 6: Travelling
WK 8: Wellness and Healthy Lifestyle.
WK 10: Job Interviews

WHERE | Arc Clubs Space (next to Basser Steps)

WHEN | THURSDAYS (Fortnightly from WK2), 3PM-4PM

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