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Foodie Olympus Camp by UNSW Food Lovers

Get some yum in your tum.


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The year is 700 BC, you are in ancient Greece, and you are a god in Greek mythology. You open your eyes and you’re on top of the world. Where else would you be at, except on Mount Olympus having a good time?

Only the strongest and most powerful gods and goddesses will have what it takes to battle it out to take control of Mount Olympus! Do you have what it takes? We invite all the Hades', Hermes', Poseidons', Zeus’, Aphrodites' and Athenas', to compete in a battle of wits and strengths.

UNSW Food Lovers Society Teams will battle against each other in challenges based on Greek mythology and the Olympics to be the ULTIMATE god or goddess!

So what are you waiting over? Let’s get KRAKEN. HADES camp tickets are going to sell out real quick! ZEUS is not an event to be missed! Which god or goddess will come out on top? 

LOCATION: 51 Bendena Garden, Stanwell Tops NSW 2508

THEME: Greek Mythology

- $180 for Arc and Food Lovers Members
- $190 for Arc and Non-Food Lovers Members
- $200 for Non-Arc and Non-Food Lovers Members

Tickets will be sold at the following times and location:

Please note: When a refund is requested, only 50% will be returned. The 20th of June will be the last day for the 50% refund. After this day, there will be strictly NO REFUNDS.

This event is organised by an Arc affiliated Club, which is supported by Arc and independently run. Arc is not responsible for the event or the information provided