WK7Tue 12 Jul

Clothes Swap: Get In Loser We're Going Swapping!

Get in loser we're going swapping! Yes the rumours are true for all the fashion victims and ensembly challenged coming out of our closet and into yours is this year's Clothes Swap!

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Join Arc Creative at UNSW's School of Art & Design, Paddington Campus, in week 7 for the ultimate swapping experience. Swap 'til you drop, build on your capsule wardrobe, and reduce landfill from the fashion industry. Swapping is sustainable shopping. 

How does it work? 

  • Drop off items for swapping From Monday 27/06/22 Week 5 – Monday 11/07/22 Week 7 at the Arc Creative Office, located at the back of the student lounge just off the central courtyard. You may also bring items with you on the day, however bringing them in advance gives us time to organise them and set up. 

  • Be prepared to show us what you bring! We need to make sure it's wearable. 

  • Once you drop off your items you'll be given tickets for the clothes swap based on the number of items you bring.  

  • If you do not bring clothes to swap but wish participate it's a gold coin donation. All donations go directly back to Arc so that we can continue to provide the best student experience for you! 

  • REMEMBER: Bring clothes that are in good condition and have minimal wear and tear. You might also consider bringing items you once loved. The love that you had can be shared by someone else who might love it just as much if not more. 

  • All remaining clothes will be taken to a charity or recycle facility. 

  • ITEMS NOT ACCEPTED: We will not be accepting undergarments or socks unless in original packaging unopened. 

This year's clothes swap is in collaboration with UNSW SRC.