Fri 09 Dec

Plexus Pt.2: A Kudos Offsite Project

Plexus is a collaborative exhibition in two parts between NAS, SCA, UNSW ADA students and recent graduates.


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Plexus part 2:

Comber Street Studios
5 Comber Street, Paddington, NSW, 2021.
Comber street Studios is accessible via street level from the garage and steps to front gallery.
Exhibition Reception: Friday 9 December, 6pm – 8pm.
Exhibition Continues: Thursday 8 December – Sunday 11 December.
Opening Hours: 10am – 4pm.

Featuring work by: Emily Greenwood, Lara Wilkinson, Solomiya Sywak, Mila Feng and Sunnie Cao, Blake Malone, Olga Svyatova, Monica Trieu, Emma Harbridge with Fei Gao and Tooba Farooqi, Dani Southcome, Ingram-Shute, Ali Tahayori, Sadie Whelan, Blake Bridgewater, Sasha Hunt.

"study is what you do with other people. It’s talking and walking around with other people, working, dancing, suffering, some irreducible convergence of all three, held under the name of speculative practice." 1

Plexus pt.1 and pt.2, presented by the Kudos Committee brings together emerging artists from three different art schools; the National Art School, the Sydney College of the Arts and UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture. The intention of this exhibition is to build inter-reliant alliances & solidarity while exclaiming the necessity for strong, flourishing & supported art schools and communities. Grounded in ideas of collaboration and without trying to represent a whole chorus of voices, this exhibition is maybe an exercise of social imagination, hoping to connect on the basis of affinity.

"Organising and connecting by affinity is an alternative (and sometimes a complement) to organising on the basis of pre-existing ideologies, identities, and interests. It basically means encountering each other and seeing how it goes, searching for something shared that is emergent rather than pre-existing. It orients us to the question of what we might be able to do together, rather than (only) who we are and what we should do. To find affinity, in this sense, is not about finding people who are “like us” or who we “like,” but about searching out connections and alliances through which we increase our powers and capacities." 2

After years of poor funding, increased tuition fees, staff cuts, institutional racism, sexism, and managerial harm, and now the Covid-19 pandemic, the sense of a collegial emerging arts community imperilled. In recognising that our student arts communities exist outside the walls of the classrooms we want to come together to exchange, create, exhibit and learn in different ways. Plexus seeks to go beyond rigid conventions and arbitrary institutional divisions by focusing on the emergent relationships that value openness and curiosity and can nourish the infinite ways of relating to one another. Refill aims to encourage care, nourishment, and support for a burgeoning new cohort of artists, writers, thinkers and friends.


1. Harney, S. and Moten, F., 2013. The Undercommons. Wivenhoe: Minor Compositions.

2. Nick Montgomery and carla bergman, 2017. Joyful Militancy: Building Thriving Resistance in Toxic Times. AK Press.

Graphic Design by Oscar Davis