WK5Fri 13 Oct

CALL OUT - Framework Issue #39 touched

The call out is open for submissions to Framework's new issue: touched.


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  • Creative

Touched by connecting, thinking, feeling, collaborating. Touched by friendship, love: platonic, erotic, filial, or all at once. Reaching towards touching desire and its triangulations. Eros, and what is bittersweet. Obsession: with anything! Kylie Minogue breathing “oh my god, touch me right there.” Abstracting touch, and its marks and residues. 


Submissions could respond to:


How do we mediate touch in the gallery, or at a performance? 

How does art touch us?

How can we write touch, or read it? 

What does a practice exploring touch look like? 

How can we touch through time, or objects, or text? 



Submissions could take the form of:

  • Critical essay
  • Exhibition, text, or performance review
  • Lyric essay
  • Speculative fabulation
  • Creative non-fiction
  • Lists
  • Letters
  • Podcast
  • Interview 
  • Sound work
  • Scene report
  • Dialogue
  • Screenplay
  • Interactive text work
  • Video
  • Comic
  • Animation



We welcome all kinds of writing from all kinds of creatives. Especially encouraged are students and alumni of UNSW. The call out will close 11:59pm October 13th. 

For more reading visit the moodboard here.

Submit finished work, or a pitch for work you would like to develop, and don't worry if it's not 'on theme'. Any questions are welcome, please direct them to Laura Luciana, Arc Creative's Framework Coordinator by email framework@arc.unsw.edu.au