Here you can find the what's on, who's-who and where-to-go if you're an innovator, entrepreneur or go-getter at UNSW.

Art & Design Space

Art & Design Space (ADSpace) at the Paddington Campus is a exhibition space showcasing student talent and work.

Catalyst In Residence

Catlyst in Residence (CiR) at the MCIC exists as a hub and program providing a physical space for innovators to work and  facilities for the creation of projects.


A co-working space designed to connect and inspire the UNSW Computing community in their pursuit of innovation

Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship

The Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, located in the School of Management at the UNSW Business School, aims to improve innovative thinking and is a resource for real world experiential learning.


CREATE Club collaborate on creative projects, from Vivid installations to bike powered generators . Running regular events on campus, CREATE provide free workshops, access to kits and electronic components and funding and support for student projects.

Enactus UNSW

Enactus is an international non-profit organisation with a global network of members  at universities in over 36 countries. Enactus UNSW has members ranging over 6 faculties and 20 disciplines and allows students to collaborate on social enterprise projects.


A joint collaboration between Arc @ UNSW and UNSW Innovation, FounderLab provides students with the support and expertise necessary to turn an idea into a successful start-up.

General Assembly

Provides dynamic training to close the global skills gap in tech, with over 20 campuses worldwide

Kudos Gallery

The Kudos Gallery at the Paddington Campus is a professional, off campus exhibition space engaging with the UNSW Art & Design and wider community.


Creating links between art and design, science, technology, engineering and mathematics disciplines, the UNSW Makerspace creates a place on campus for collaborative learning and creating, provising access to state of the art facilities.

Michael Crouch Innovation Centre

The Michael Crouch Innovation Centre (MCIC) is space for innovators to meet and collaborate on innovative solutions to real world problems, with a community of makers, hackers and experts.

MVP Fund

Providing students with the funds necessary to turn an idea into a reality, no commitment necessary. MVP Fund is a joint collaboration between Arc @ UNSW and UNSW Innovations.

The New Wave

Centered on providing avenues for female entrepreneurs, The New Wave is an initiative led by UNSW Innovations seeking to close the  gender gap in innovations and help female led start-ups find their feet.

UNSW Business School Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Providing infrmation on formalised educational pathways and study options at UNSW for postgraduate students interested in innovation

UNSW Young Entrepreneurs

A database of stories from leading UNSW young entrepreneurs from all fields