Arc Internships

2018 applications open now! Closing on Thur 2 Nov. 

As an Arc member, you have the opportunity to gain incomparable and incredible hands-on industry experience and insights in your chosen field of study through the Arc Internship Program.

We offer 10 positions across our departments where you have access to some of the most valuable resources (our people) in guiding you through your planned career path.

To make this program even more enticing and unique, we offer students the chance to to gain hands-on industry experience AND you get paid to learn on campus in our schmick new offices!

Click on the position below to find out details and how to apply: 

What's in it for me?

Arc's Internship Program has the opportunity to provide practical skills that will look very shiny on your resume and assist in gaining a competitive advantage once you graduate from university.

Benefits include:

  • Paid work for up to 26 weeks (Kudos has 2 X 13 week positions);
  • Work experience in an area you want to get into;
  • Listing on your AHEGS;
  • Flexible hours - we work around your university timetable;
  • Major projects allow you to make a real impact on the organisation and student life at UNSW.

What will I be doing exactly?

Arc interns have a set list of objectives and tasks outlined in individual position descriptions. In addition, each intern is assigned a project to work on throughout the semester as well as taking part in an intern group project.

Who will be looking after me?

A designated mentor works closely with each intern throughout the year, providing regular meetings to go over completed work and create a vision for future goals. You also meet with fellow interns each fortnight to brainstorm (and share all your awesomeness).

C'mon, there's gotta be a catch?

No, no catch. It's a mutually beneficial trade of services that empowers students and enriches the organization.

Meet the 2017 Team!

HR Intern


"I'm currently in my 5th year at uni, completing a Science/Arts double degree. I also work here at Arc as the 2017 HR Intern. The internship program complements my university experience so well in that I'm able to get work experience in conjunction with my studies, while also being part of projects that have an impact on Student Life. Pretty cool, hey?

Graphic Designer


"Being the Graphic Design intern for Arc has been a massive learning experience so far. I’ve learnt so much about the industry that I’m studying to be apart of, and so many new skills in such a short time span! Also, everyone here is a legend!"

Venue and Events Intern


"So far I’ve had the opportunity to work on heaps of different events from the weekly DJ comp, to helping plan Arc’s 10th birthday and also helping set up formal dinners. Its great getting hands on insight into the ins and outs of Arc events."

IT Intern


"Hi there! I’m a 3rd year Software Engineer, I’m currently interning at Arc as the IT intern. My team and I look after all of Arc’s websites and Infrastructure. So far I’ve been working on updating the frontend, backend and databases of some of Arc’s internal sites, in the future I’ll be working on moving our sites to the cloud using Microsoft’s Azure platform."

Social Media Intern


"So far in a day in the life of a Social Media Intern is managing communication channels for Arc, as well as working on projects that contribute to the marketing department. This could be anywhere from conducting an external audit, to writing up a channel mix document. Not only that, working with other student coordinators to organise a campus-wide event really kicks into gear those organisation, communication and teamwork skills. So it's a quite hands on internship, super collaborative and involved. If that's your kind of jam, 10/10 would recommend."

Kudos Gallery Intern S1


"I’m the Kudos intern for semester one, which involves managing the White Cube volunteers as well as developing a performance program to hopefully kick off by the end of semester. In the meantime I’m juggling a few jobs, so don’t be surprised if you see me both at the AGNSW and MCA front desk, as well as preparing for our TEDxSydney Youth event! Hobbies include cooking (badly), consuming coffee (lots), and life admin-ing whilst watching Netflix. 

Sponsorship and Advertising Intern


"Accompanied by an enthusiastic and professional team, in this role I am able to strive for the goals I have set for myself. This role has also opened a window for me to experience maintaining business relationships and advertising sales, which is a vital foundation for client based work."

Legal & Advocacy Intern


"As an intern I get to conduct extensive legal research, draft legal documents, and help interview students on a variety of different legal matters - all under the support & guidance from Arc's amazing L&A team. It's an incredible, one-of-a-kind opportunity to gain hands-on legal experience and also help other students navigate the stressful, confusing problems life throws at them."

Accounting Intern


"My internship at Arc has been a big highlight of my university life. My supervisor has really focused on my development and taking the time to teach me what I wanted to know about accounting."

Sports Intern


Key Information

When to apply:

Applications open NOW, closing on Thurs 2 Nov.  Click here!


Interviews will commence in November 2017.

Start Dates:

Interns will participate in an induction program in January 2018, before officially starting their role in February 2018.

Further enquiries?

Arc Intern Coordinator