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Applications for Semester 1, 2018 are now closed. Applications for Semester 2, 2018 will open in the last few weeks of Semester 1. In the meantime, check out Arc's Grow page to learn about other ways to grow and develop as a leader.

Grow with Arc

Leadership Labs was modeled after a course designed for MBA students at Stanford University. Arc@UNSW has secured expert facilitators to help you grow personally and professionally. The 8 week, highly interactive course tackles important topics you won't find in the classroom, such as Strengths & Self Awareness, Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Management & Assertiveness, Ethics & The Responsibility of Leadership, Resilience, Decision Making, Public Speaking (Topic vary slightly each semester.)

Participants are challenged through hands on activities while giving you an opportunity to expand your network amidst an incredible cohort of students and outstanding facilitators. Students are rewarded with a Certificate of Completion (7 out of 8 sessions attendance-requirement for Certificate) as well as leadership development that you won't get anywhere else.

Schedule for Semester 1 of 2018 (Weeks 1 to 8)

All sessions are on Wednesdays from 4:00-7:00pm at UNSW, unless noted:

All Sessions are on Wednesdays (dates below) at UNSW from 4pm to 7:00pm (unless noted).
Session 1 - Orientation: 28 February (4-6:00pm)
Session 2: 7 March - Strengths-Based Leadership
Session 3: 14 March - Emotional Intelligence
Session 4: 21 March - Conflict Management
Session 5: 28 March - Ethics
Mid Semester Break - No Sessions
Session 6: 11 April - Decision Making
Session 7 - 18 April - Public Speaking
Anzac Day - No Sessions
Session 8 - 2 May: Closing Session & Guest speaker (to be combined with a larger leadership event)

We are excited to welcome back a couple of our prized facilitators from the last few semesters of Leadership Labs and introduce you to some exciting new facilitators as well.


"Leadership Labs is honestly one of the best things that I've done at uni. It's fun, illuminating and motivating. You come out of every session with a clearer idea about yourself and how you can develop into a better leader, and better person. You get to meet 39 incredibly talented, kind, driven and friendly leaders as well as hear and interact with great speakers who have a lot to offer."

- Participant from Sem 2, 2017

"Leadership labs is inspiring, creative and highly applicable to both personal and professional life. Each session revolves around participation and self reflection to provide a unique experience for every participant. I can't recommend this highly enough! Apply now while it's still free!"

- Participant from Sem 2, 2017

"During the eight weeks of Leadership Labs I learnt so much about myself that I couldn't figure out in 18 years of my life. I've taken home so many great memories and made so many amazing friends. Every second spent there was worth it!"

- Participant from Sem 1, 2017

"More than anything, the labs helped me learn about myself: My strengths, my conflict resolution style, my emotional intelligence. Now I feel like I can go out into the world knowing my skills and knowing how to use them to my advantage." 

– Participant from Sem 2, 2016 

"I came out of Leadership Labs way more self aware. This program did wonders in kickstarting my journey towards becoming a leader in my own right. My favourite part was how insight into every week's focus could tangibly change how I behaved in my daily interactions."  

– Participant from Sem 1, 2016

"Meeting other leaders from UNSW's student base is one the greatest things about Arc's leadership labs. You meet people with an array of personalities, experiences, degree backgrounds and leadership styles. Thus, you learn from each others experiences and views whilst unveiling your own clear-cut personal path to becoming a successful and impactful leader."  

– Participant from Sem 1, 2016 

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