Mosaic Mentoring

Passionate about social change and education?

Mosaic Mentoring offers both UNSW volunteers and high school students the unique opportunity to come together and get talking about the social and cultural issues that shape and define us.


Volunteers undertake a one day training session at the end of mid-year break, and a planning day in preparation for the Forum Day in early-August. On Forum Day, held at UNSW, volunteers act as mentors for high school students, running group workshop activities, discussions, games, and a campus tour.

Throughout the semester, volunteers  conduct visits to the high schools and work with the groups to help them create a range of major works based on the ideas discussed at Forum Day. The program culminates in the Expo Night, a multimedia launch of major works and a celebration of the achievements throughout the year.


Next Intake/ Sem 1 2018

Time commitment/ Medium

Meet your Mosaic Mentoring Coordinator!

Hi! I'm Maddy and I'm the Mosaic Mentoring Coordinator for this year.  

I'm doing a Bachelor of Arts, double majoring in social sciences and dance. One thing I love is random moments that make you smile – for example, today I was walking past this little girl who suddenly made a cute noise and pointed at a woman passing by. The woman had a box of chocolates in her hand, and when she heard the girl she opened the box and gave her one.

I'm very excited for Mosaic this year. It's a program that centres around three things I value deeply – socio-cultural awareness, personal development and education. I hope you'll join me for a fantastic year!

Mosaic Mentoring

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