Got a free hour between class? Looking for a skill not offered in the classroom? 

Upskill with our range of workshops! 

If you're looking for some crucial life skills school forgot to teach you, our How to Adult workshops are for you. If you're more interested in a DIY outlet between classes you should check out our How to Make workshops. 

How to Adult

Adulting is hard. Cars are big and complicated, public speaking can make your knees knock and cooking always teeters on arson. That's where we come in! We've got sessions to teach you all the stuff uni and High School missed with everything from changing a tyre to rent.

How to Make

DIY enthusiast? Creative Casanova? Or just really need to make a present for a birthday you forgot about? Arc is here to help. Take a break from class and flex your creative muscles with our 1 hour workshops. For just $6 you can walk away with an awesome skill, and whatever you make you keep!

How to Adult

How To Make

Check out more workshop and DIY opportunities with these Arc programs

The Producers

For those with a green thumb looking to make a sustainable impact

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Tax Help

If calculating your gross income makes you feel gross, seek some advice from our student advisors to help you file your taxes.

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Submit an artwork to ArtsWeek, the creative stomping ground of the UNSW Kensington campus, or simply come along to all the Artsy things we have planned!

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Leadership Labs

Become the leader you would follow with a 6-week course hosted by industry experts to teach important topics not covered in the classroom.

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