How To Adult

Adult Up

High School might have taught you how to drop an egg from a three-story building without breaking it, or how to spell boobs on your calculator, but how about some tips and tricks to surviving the 'real world'?

How To Vote

Make your voice count. Get the need-to-knows on enrollment, getting informed on campaigns and what to do at the poll booth.

How to get the job | Finders Head of Talent Jamie Finnegan

Hot off the press industry tips to polishing your resume and acing the interview.

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How to Legal | Arc Legal & Advocacy

Know your rights when it comes to housing, employment and centrelink and ask your questions straight to one of Arc's lawyers.

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How to be single like a boss

Learning to love time with yourself is a skill, start with us and get all the hot tips to navigating the dating world.

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How to get more miles out of your car | Gal Matic

Changing a tyre, jumpstarts and general car maintenance to keep your little beaut. for longer.

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How To Plan A Party | Roundhouse

Planning your next birthday with friends or organising your societies annual cruise? We have the low down on making your event unforgettable!

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Stay Tuned

Stay tuned for more workshops coming to you in Stress Less Week (Week 8)

How to Organise

Brought to you by Kikki K

How to cook healthy on a budget

Brought to you by Colombo House

How to Self-Defence

Brought to you by UNSW Judo

How to manage your stress

Brought to you by Arc Wellness Warriors

How to Adult Cheat Sheets

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How To Adult | Comprehend Centrelink

How To Adult | Ace that Interview

How To Adult | Lock Down Your LinkedIn

How To Adult | Start Your Career as an Artist

How To Adult | Smash Your Fitness Goals

How To Adult | Be There for a Mate

How To Adult | Keep Your Calm

How To Adult | Mindfulness Meditation

How To Adult | Cook Healthy on a Budget

How To Adult | Plan a Party

How To Adult | Self Defence

How To Adult | Take Your Tax Into Account

How To Adult | Understand Traffic Offences

How To Adult | Road Rights