How To Make

Flex your creative muscles!

DIY enthusiast? Creative cassanova? Or just really need to make a present for a birthday you forgot about? 

Take a break from class with our one hour DIY workshops where what you make, you take!

How To Make a DJ Remix | DJ Adam Bozzetto

Werk werk werk behind your own DJ deck to make your own remix that will have everyone dropping down low.

How to Make Cocktails 18+ | Roundhouse

Call us old fashioned, but we think everyone should know how to whip up a gin-credible cocktail! Shake up your uni day with recipes to all your favourite bar orders.


How To Make Insta-Worthy Cupcakes

Sugar coat it with a step-by-step guide to gorgeous cupcakes for every occasion so you can decorate your cake and eat it too!


How to Make Terrariums | The Producers

Get your hands dirty and build your own ecosystem in a jar for the perfect desk accessory.


How To Make A Blog | Blitz

Track your travels, sound your voice or earn some cash. Put your thoughts to keypad and start your own blog.


Stress Less Week Workshops

Stress Less Week is happening in the Quad in week 8! Event Horizon and the Wellness Warriors are partnering up to bring you a whole range of awesome workshops and activities to help you de-stress and learn new healthy habits to put your health and happine

How to Make Probiotics

Learn a unique recipe to fuel your body with nutrient-rich ingredients

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How to Make an Organic Tea Blend

Pick your own combination of organic herbs and aromas for your bodies needs with naturopath Jennifer Ward

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How to Make a Flower Posy

Grow your floristry skills and handcraft your own bouquet

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