COVID Vaccination

Before we get started, let's be clear - Arc ain't epidemiologists - but we know students. This site is to help you get info fast, but if you do have questions give your doctor a shout or call the COVID hotline.

Last updated 12th August, 2021.

How do I book?

Head to the COVID Vaccination website to get started. That site will walk you through eligibility and then suggest a site near you. There are a few places for walk-ins where you can go without a booking. 

Some legend has also created a way to see next available near you. Check it out here

Can I go to a pharmacist?

Yas! Pharmacists / chemists are legends and can also do vaccinations. Check out the list here.

The next appointment isn't for ages. What should I do?

We suggest you just take next available booking. Each clinic is balancing supply, demand, labour and cancellations. Some people are having success by trying different locations or refreshing the page. Consider a walk-in.

Do I need a Medicare Card?

Nope! Anyone can get the vaccine BUT if you don't have a Medicare card, you need to go to a:

Are international students eligible?

Yep! And its free. 

WTF is a "State Clinic"?

Honestly, fair question. They're dedicated NSW Health runvaccination facilities who are doing LOTS of COVID vaccinations fast

Can I go further than 10km from my house for a vaccination?

Go for it! If it's reasonable because the nearest clinic is more than 10km away, go for it! Read more about the rules here.

What's the difference between Pfizer & AstraZeneca?

Both are effective at preventing COVID-19, but if you're feeling extra nerdy read up here

Should I take the day off work?

We suggest you follow the mantra of "hope for the best, prepare for the worst". Less than 25% of people experience negative side effects like fatigue, headache or chills but you may like to take the day off work, or let your manager know just in case.

Under what circumstances should I NOT get vaccinated?

People are not getting vaccinated for religious reasons or medical reasons like being immunocompromised. Get specific information from your doctor of the COVID hotline.

How long should I wait between vaccinations?

According to Federal Government, the 2 doses of the Pfizer vaccine need to be given at least 3 weeks apart and the AstraZeneca vaccine should be given 6 weeks apart.

How can I talk to someone experiencing vaccine hesitancy?

Yeah, this is a tough one. Firstly, listen, acknowledge their concerns and ask questions. Encourage them to be critical of their sources of information and provide them with alternatives to consider. Don't be pushy or confrontational - that never works. 

Why am I still reading?

Because you're a legend. 

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