How Do I Cook Potatoes?

Almost every culture in the world eats potatoes. Due to the huge amount of carbs, low cost and yield they've been a staple food for many groups of people for centuries. As well as carbs, they provide a source of potassium, vitamin C and a bit of protein. They're very low in fat.

Storing your raw potatoes

  • Store them in the dark like a kitchen cabinet or drawer

  • Encourage proper ventilation eg paper bag, cardboard box, wire basket or mesh bag (NOT in a plastic bag or airtight container)

  • Store at room temperature (NOT in the fridge)

Signs the potatoes have gone bad:

  • Skin blemishes like discolouration, soft spots and mold on the skin 

  • Wrinkly, soft or squishy

  • Smelly and rotten
  • Green colour
  • TIP: If they have sprouts just remove them, the potatoes are still fine to eat!
  • For pictures and more information check this site out.

Cleaning potatoes

Potatoes should be cleaned because they grow in the ground and carry dirt and bacteria. They can also have pesticides on the skin, even on organic ones!

The best way to wash your potatoes is under running water to loosen the dirt particles. Scrub in circular motions with a brush, towel, gloves or your hands. Make sure you check for hidden dirt and remove any green sprouts. Rinse all the dirt off and dry. 

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How to prepare potatoes 

There are many ways to cut potatoes for different recipes, but here are the basic ways with images here. Peeling the skin of the potato is up to you, you can save the skin and cook them using the recipes below.

If your potatoes are going to be out for while, place the cut potatoes in cold water until ready to cook!

Ways to cook potatoes 

  1. Oven-baked or oven-roasted

  2. Pan-roasted

  3. Boiled or steamed

  4. Mashed

  5. Microwave

  6. Air-fried using an air-fryer

When you buy potatoes, pick a good potato: 

There are different categories of potatoes. 

  • Starchy potatoes are good for mashing, baking and frying, but not great for dishes that require boiling or slicing. Look out for Kipfler and Nicola potatoes.
  • Waxy potatoes are less starchy and are good for boiling, roasting and slicing, but aren’t great for mashing. Look out for King Edward potatoes
  • All purpose potatoes are somewhere in the middle and can be used for just about anything. Look out for Desiree, Dutch Cream and Pontiac potatoes.
  • TIP: Some grocery stores label their potatoes with the best ways to cook them, such as mashing or roasting. Check out more here.

As a general guide:

  • Yellow: good for chips, roasting and wedges 
  • Red: Mashed, chips and baking 
  • White: boiling and mashing

RECIPES: Ingredients included in each recipe are oil, salt, pepper and potatoes! Extra ingredients are how many more ingredients are needed.

Stovetop Recipes

Boiled Potatoes with Butter

DIfficulty: 1/5 | Extra Ingredients: 1-4 | Time: 20 mins

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Aloo Curry

Difficulty: 3/5 | Extra Ingredients: 10+ | Time: 40 mins

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Kacamak from Montenegro

Difficulty: 3/5 | Extra ingredients: 4 | Time: 30 mins

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Korean Sweet Soy-Glazed Potatoes

Difficulty: 3/5 | Extra Ingredients: 5 | Time: 20 mins

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Microwave Recipes

Microwaved "Baked" Potato

Difficulty: 1/5 | Extra Ingredients: 0-3 | Time: 12 mins

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Microwaved Potatoes Au Gratin

Difficulty: 1/5 | Extra Ingredients: 3 | Time: 20 mins

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Microwaved Mashed Potatoes

Difficulty: 2/5 | Extra Ingredients: 2 | Time: 25 mins

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Loaded Baked Potato Soup In A Mug

Difficulty: 1/5 | Extra Ingredients: 6-7 | Time: 20 mins

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Oven Recipes

Oven Roasted Potatoes

Difficulty: 1/5 | Extra Ingredients: 0-3 | Time: 50 mins

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Romanesco Chicken Traybake

Difficulty: 4/5 | Extra Ingredients: 6 | Time 1h+

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Thai Yellow Curry Roasted Potatoes

Difficulty: 1/5 | Extra Ingredients: 1-3 | Time: 40 mins

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Hasselback Potatoes

Difficulty: 4/5 | Extra Ingredients: 5 | Time: 1h+

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Potato Peel Recipes

Potato Peel Chips

Difficulty: 1/5 | Extra Ingredients: 0-1 | Time: 10 mins

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Vegetable Broth with Kitchen Scraps

Difficulty: 1/5 | Extra Ingredients: 5+ | Time: 30 mins

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Growing Sprouting Potatoes

Difficulty: 1/5 | Needs soil | Time: 12-16 weeks

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Potato Peel Foccacia

Difficulty: 5/5 | Extra Ingredients: 4 | Time: 24h +

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