Connecting to Nature

Being kind to the environment not only gives us that warm and fuzzy feeling but can actually do good for our bodies as well! There is a lot of science behind that great feeling we get when we are out in nature. 

Take the bus, walk, run or cycle where you can

While cutting down on emissions you also get that incidental exercise in. Moving your body is a great way to counter the stain from sitting in lectures all day looking down at your laptop. Not only that, but exercise releases feel good chemicals and hormones, making you feel a little better and more ready to take on the day.  

Eat fresh produce

Not only is fresh produce the best way to reduce your environmental footprint through reduction of plastics, but this produce is the most nutrient dense. You can look after the environment and get all the micronutrients you need through a diet that includes lots of fruit and veggies.  

Unplug from technology

We spend a lot of time on our devices. Take the time to unplug, especially at nighttime to improve your sleep. The blue light these devices emit reduces production of melatonin (a hormone that tells you when you be sleepy and when to be wakeful), meaning you don’t get tired until later. With the extra time you have when you put your devices down, go outside, read a book, catch up with friends, and connect to things that aren't right in front of you.  

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Spend some time outside each day

Sunshine has a whole lot of benefits. Getting out into the sunshine in the morning helps wake us up (again to do with melatonin reduction), as well as getting us much needed vitamin D. Not only that but being outside has even been shown to reduce stress and anxiety! 

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