10 Tips for a Healthy Liver

  1. Maintain a healthy weight. If you’re overweight, you’re in danger of having a fatty liver.
  2. Eat a balanced diet. Avoid high calorie-meals, saturated fat, refined carbohydrates and sugars. Eat fiber, which you can obtain from fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grain breads, rice and cereals.
  3. Hydration is essential, so drink a lot of water.
  4. Exercise regularly. This helps to burn triglycerides and can also reduce liver fat.
  5. Avoid toxins. Toxins can injure liver cells. Limit direct contact with toxins from cleaning and aerosol products, insecticides, chemicals, and additives. Don’t smoke or use illicit drugs. Use alcohol responsibly. Alcoholic beverages can create many health problems. They can damage or destroy liver cells and scar your liver. Talk to your doctor about what amount of alcohol is right for you. You may be advised to drink alcohol only in moderation or to quit completely.
  6. Don’t share personal hygiene items — for example, razors, toothbrushes and nail clippers.
  7. Practice safe sex. Unprotected sex increases your risk of hepatitis B and hepatitis C.
  8. Wash your hands. Use soap and warm water immediately after using the bathroom, when you have changed a nappy, and before preparing or eating food.
  9. Follow directions on all medications. When medicines are taken incorrectly by taking too much, the wrong type or by mixing medicines, your liver can be harmed. Tell your doctor about any over-the-counter medicines, supplements, and natural or herbal remedies that you use.
  10. Get vaccinated. There are vaccines for hepatitis A and hepatitis B.  

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