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Health Checks on Wed 29 June and Thurs 30 June.

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Arc is taking advantage of the NSW Government initiative Get Healthy at Work. It helps workplaces like ours find out how healthy we are, and what we can do to help you and our entire team be healthier at work. 

Get Healthy at Work is a NSW Government initiative that aims to improve the health of working adults by giving businesses the tools, resources and support. 

The first step is a free confidential Brief Health Check for everyone. No needles we promise! It’s voluntary and all results  are anonymous. Over two days you can see a trained Get Healthy at Work health practitioners. You’ll find out really important information relating to your health, like your risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease. You’ll also get information and advice on how to improve your health. 

What’s involved with your Brief Health Check?

It’s really quick and non-invasive:

  • a few short questions (remember you can be honest for your own benefit - we don’t see your individual results) 
  • a quick waist measurement
  • immediate information and advice to help you make any changes to your lifestyle to be healthier  

Rest assured we don’t see your individual results. We only receive a summary of the findings of the entire team (if more than 50 people participate) to help us work out what we can do to be a healthier workplace. 

When and Where? 

On Wed 29 June and Thur 30 June 9:00am – 5:00pm (consultations are just 15 minutes) 

They will be held in private rooms in Arc. So just head to Reception waiting area on the day, please come 5 minutes early so we can run on time.

All Arc staff - full time, part time, student staff, interns, casuals - are  welcome and indeed encouraged to get a health check. 


Wellness Coordinator