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What is Arc Rewards?

Arc Rewards is an exclusive offer for Arc Members to get you instant cashback on your daily purchases. Arc Members can download the Qpay App, then add a Qpay card to their digital wallet and instantly start getting cashback on purchases with partner companies.

What is the cashback reward card?

Arc has partnered with QPay to provide students real time cashback deals that can be used with their digital or physical QPay card.

Where is the Arc Rewards card?

After joining Arc, Arc Members can download the Qpay App, follow the prompts to obtain a Qpay card and then add it to their mobile wallet.

How do you access the Arc Rewards card?

Students will receive an text to their nominated phone number after joining Arc with the download and login link for the QPay app – students are then prompted to save their card in their smartphone wallet. Once saved, they can access their card anytime from their wallet!

Is the Arc Rewards card a credit card?

No! Arc Rewards is a cash back card used alongside debit and credit cards to get real time cash back into your account.

How do I get started?

How to activate your Arc Rewards:

  1. Look out for your registration SMS.
  2. Follow the prompts to register.
  3. Add the Arc Rewards card to your mobile digital wallet.
  4. Add funds to your Arc Rewards card via the QPay app
  5. Spend with your Arc Rewards card at your favourite stores and start getting cashback

There are hundreds of cash-back partners on campus, off-campus and online.

Go on, get rewarded with Arc Rewards!

How do I load the card? 

It's easy! You can load money on your card two ways. 

  1. Direct bank transfer (you know like old fashioned BSB and Account number). 
  2. Card load (using your debit card, yee haw!)

We suggest you plan ahead and do a bank transfer as the card load incurs at 1.5% surcharge.

What is Qpay?

Qpay is a mobile payment company founded in Australia. They are partnered with Mastercard to allow you to load money onto a mobile card, then they arrange discounts with other companies. Those discounts are passed back to you as cashback. 

Can existing Arc Members join Qpay?

You sure can! Just head to HERE

Where can I start getting cashback?

Adairs4% cash back
boohoo4% cash back
Decathlon1.5% cash back
Hype DC4% cash back

Nasty Gal4% cash back
Platypus4% cash back

Under Armour4% cash back
Adrenaline5% cash back
ASICS5% cash back
Koko Black5% cash back
Vans5% cash back
Timberland5% cash back
Superdry5% cash back
Mizuno5% cash back
Michael Kors2% cash back
Meshki5% cash back
ECHT5% cash back
Clearly5% cash back

Plus heaps more!

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