UNSW Virtual Houses

UNSW Virtual Houses is an online (and free!) program that aims to provide students from across the globe the opportunity to connect, make friends and have fun.  

Whether you’re looking to maximise your events calendar, get involved in epic activities or meet new friends – the Virtual Houses program is a one-stop-shop for all your virtual community building!  

All students are welcome to join UNSW Virtual Houses. 

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Meet the Houses

Botany House

A student community who always strive for the greater good – this is a ‘glass half full’ bunch who have wisdom beyond their years!

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Willis House

A student community of driven and strong-minded students who are not afraid to take control and lead the charge.

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Houston House

A student community of free spirits who are uninhibited by traditional roles or societal structures; they go with the flow, embrace spontaneity and reject conformity.

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