Willis House is The Power Players.  

A student community of driven and strong-minded students who are not afraid to take control and lead the charge. This is a group of passionate individuals, who know what they want and are not afraid to take a shot. Whether they are career driven or have ambitions to succeed across sports, academia or advocacy endeavours – this group has the energy and drive to move mountains!   

House colour: Red  

House characteristics:  

  • Confident  

  • Energetic  

  • Competitive  

  • Passionate  

Meet the Willis House Captain!

Hi everyone! I'm Nathan, the House Captain for the Power Players themselves, Willis House.

I'm a 5th year studying Advanced Science (Psychology)/Engineering (Civil Engineering).

Cool fact about me: I'm an almost exclusive Nintendo console gamer, so I've played lots of Pokémon and Zelda, and enjoy playing Super Smash Bros Ultimate from time to time.

My best quality: Is my relatability, since I really like talking to people and am genuinely interested in learning more about people's lives.



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