The Sex Education you wish you had in Highschool. 

Sex Ed. 2.0 is back and sexier than ever with our S2 event.


Alternative Menstrual Products :: 12:30PM

Contraception :: 1:00PM

Consent :: 1:30PM

ACON | Sexual Health :: 2:00PM

Screening :: You Can't Ask That

Come watch the ABC show that asks groups of misunderstood or marginalised Australians the awkward, inappropriate or uncomfortable questions you've always wanted to know the answers to.

4PM Transgender | 4:30PM Polyamorous | 5PM Sex Workers

Sexy Triva

Think you're a sexpert when it comes to the bedroom? Did you ace your PE anatomy tests? Remember everything you learned in the sealed section?

Get down to the Greenhouse at 5:30pm and test your knowledge at Sexy Trivia! – the best fun you'll have with clothes on! From 5:30pm

Follow up event :: Live Panel

From clarifying your thoughts on STI's to the in's and out's of consent, there's no question you can't ask. Don't worry we won't thrust you into the deep end -leave your best and curious questions on our annoymous poll, as we pitch the questions you want to a panel of sexperts.

So STD (save the date) as we wrap up all the best and (confusing parts) about sex.