O-Week Clubs Guide

The First Year Clubs Guide is your one-stop shop for all things club-related at UNSW. The guide is designed to help students understand what clubs and societies are, how to get involved, and also to give a sample of over 200 of the clubs UNSW has to offer!

The clubs in the guide are sorted into 10 categories: 

  • Career Development

  • Faculty/Constituent

  • Hobbies & Recreation

  • International & Cultural

  • Major/Degree

  • Performing Arts

  • Political

  • Religious & Spiritual

  • Social Impact

  • Sports

Browse around in each section to find a club that matches your interests and see what you find!

Not all clubs on campus are included in the guide, so if you want to see the rest, head over and register at SpArc (https://member.arc.unsw.edu.au/).

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