O-Week Golden Ticket

The Golden Ticket is YOUR way of getting the most out of O-Week while also going in the running to win some DAILY PRIZES!

What's the Golden Ticket?

Win big by having fun! O-Week Golden Ticket is your guide to all the activities and events happening at O-Week. So, while you're having a blast, you also have the chance to win epic prizes!

Where can I get it?

This year, the Golden Ticket is automated! Pick up an O-Week Pass at the Main Gate, Quad, Roundhouse and Library Help Desks to see which events are eligible. The all-inclusive Pass will also detail the events going on each day of O-Week, as well as their times and locations!

How does it work?

Participate in at least one each of our Big Fun, Tours, and Yellow Shirt events, and make sure you've scanned in your attendance via QR code if it's an in-person event. For online events, you will be given a form to record your attendance. Once you've done all 3, you will get an email for you to go into the running for our awesome prizes!

Big Fun and Online Games

Check out the big ways you can get your adrenaline pumping at Quad or Alumni Lawn, or make some friends on the online O-Week Games Hub!

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Campus Tours

Jump onto a General Campus tour (virtual or in-person) or a Timetable tour to earn your stamp!

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Yellow Shirts Events

Find these happening on campus (and online!) 12PM-4PM every day!

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What can I win?

Stay tuned for the prize reveal!

Terms & Conditions

  • You must be a current Arc member to be eligible for prizes.
  • You can only enter the draw on the day you complete the Golden Ticket. If you complete half of it on one day and finish it on another - you will be in the running for the Daily Prize of the day of submission.
  • One tour is valid for multiple entries. Names WILL be cross-checked.
  • Prize entries close at 5PM each day. The overall O-Week Golden Ticket competition ends THU 11 FEB, 6PM.



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