Meet The Team

Meet the legends behind O-Week.

With epic knowledge comes an epic O-Week.

Meet our behind-the-scenes Organising Team, in charge of everything from daily events and activities to tours to organising the 300+ Yellow Shirts around campus during the week. These UNSW students have risen through the ranks of Yellow Shirts to lead the largest O-Week in the southern hemisphere!

Catherine Rich

O-Week Coordinator

Favourite place on campus: Lunch on the quad in the sun

Favourite place to eat: Stellinis is a good feed

Best activity at O-Week : Too many to choose from! Hitting up the activations is always a good time

One piece of advice for first years: Uni is so much more than studying! Get involved and have some fun! There’s no doubt there’s a club, society, activity for you

Jeremy U

Events & Production Coordinator

Favourite place on campus: Library 24/7 space

Favourite place to eat: Southern Wok (most authentic Chinese cuisine on campus)

Recommended club to join: UNSW Taekwondo Club - a tight knit and eternally welcoming club for anyone who wants to start martial arts or compete competitively!

Best activity at O-Week: Tuesday Comedy Night with your friends <3

One piece of advice for first years: Branch out and experience O Week with as many people as you can. Sticking to your own group will only limit your university experiences. Everyone at O Week wants to be friends so use this opportunity to find the one or friends you never imagined you would have.

Emily Vu

Recruitment & Development Coordinator

Favourite place on campus: Quad Lawn when it’s not too sunny and the grass doesn’t wet your bum

Favourite place to eat: Quad food court! Either the downstairs pasta place or Q-Lounge. What a bargain

Recommended club to join: Does Yellow Shirts count as a club?

Best activity at O-Week: The inflatable activations!! It’s not every day you get to take your socks off and jump around in public. OH and stocking up on a year's supply of freebies

One piece of advice for first years: Don’t let expectations from others stop you from doing what you love. Get out of your comfort zone and actually do something you’ll genuinely remember UNSW for

Oliver Xu

Site & Sponsorship Coordinator

Favourite place on campus: Alumni lawn - it's a quiet place to take a breather and study along the benches or to chill on the grass with friends

Favourite place to eat: Apart from the free food that you see everywhere around Uni - Guzman y Gomez

Best activity at O-week: Night events! Whether that's coming for the night markets, the outdoor cinema or the Thursday night party, there's plenty to see and do

One piece of advice for first years: Take advantage of the unique experiences UNSW offers! Whether that's volunteering for events, studying overseas for your degree or to get involved with a society to learn something new, it's these experiences that make uni truly memorable

Kelly Lin

Training Coordinator

Favourite place on campus: Physics Theatre, ideal for sleeping

Favourite place to eat: The pho place in Mathews Pavilions, good banh mi

Recommended club to join: Arc volunteering programs!!

Best activity at O-Week: Getting freebies, free food, stationery...

One piece of advice: Get involved as much extra-curriculars as you can in first year, uni is much more than study.

Rakulan Arulmurugan

Clubs & Sports Coordinator

Favourite place on campus: Upper levels of Robert Webster overlooking Main Walkway – nice place to chill

Favourite place to eat: Stellinis!

Recommended club to join: ADSOC 

Best activity at O-Week: Any and all of the clubs activities

One piece of advice for first years: Join heaps of clubs at O-Week, meet heaps of people and basically give everything a go, you’ll never know what you might find

Grace Kwon

Wellbeing Coordinator

Favourite place on campus: Library lawn! It’s the perfect place to sit down and have lunch with your friends while getting your daily dose of vitamin D. (Also Kelly I disagree, the best napping spots are the bean bags on level 3 of the library)

Recommended club to join: Arc Street Team! It’s such a diverse program, and I’ve genuinely met some of my closest friends and made some of my fondest memories through here.

Best activity at O-Week: Activations - There’s something nostalgic about taking off your shoes and sliding down the giant slide or running around in a giant maze.

One piece of advice for first years: Uni is so much more than that piece of paper you get at the end of your degree - don’t be scared to branch out and get involved in as much as possible. It’s these experiences you make outside of the classroom that make uni truly memorable, and you never know what you’ll gain or who you’ll meet along the way!

Amitoze Singh

Tours & Logistics Coordinator

Favourite place on campus: Colombo Building. Always can find a corner to sleep in.

Favourite place to eat: Quad Food Court. You can find literally anything you are craving!

Recommended club to join: ADSOC. It's always a great adventure!

Best activity at O-Week: Definitely the night events. Grab a few friends and have a chill night.

One piece of advice for first years: Honestly just get involved. No matter what you want to get out of UNSW there is something for you whether it be Volunteering or Societies or Sport. Take that leap of faith!

Precious Ngo

Activities & Activations Coordinator

Favourite place on campus: Hilmer building

Favourite place to eat: Stellinis

Recommended club to join: The Dog Appreciation Society! I have always wanted to attend their meet up events

Best activity at O-Week: Visit the night markets - plenty of food, performances to watch and things to do

One piece of advice for first years: Don’t be afraid to joining clubs & societies! Trying out something new and different will allow you to grow and meet lifelong friends

Rhonda Ung

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Favourite place on campus: Main Library Level 2 - good to study, good kitchenette area

Favourite place to eat: Stellini's or GYG - but have really gotten into Stockmarket salads too

Recommended club to join: Law Revue!!!! Changed my life

Best activity at O-Week: Badge making

One piece of advice for first years: There's something for everyone, so if you don't like the first thing you try, make sure you try again til you find something you love - because you definitely will!

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