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Meet the stars behind O-Week.

With epic knowledge comes an epic O-Week.

Meet our behind-the-scenes Organising Team, in charge of everything from daily events and activities to tours to organising the ~200 Yellow Shirts around campus during the week. These UNSW students have risen through the ranks of Yellow Shirts to lead the largest O-Week in the southern hemisphere!

Rhonda Ung

O-Week Coordinator

Favourite place on campus: Main Library - 24 hour section on Level 2 and sleep pod on Level 3, what more could I want?

Favourite place to eat: Stock Market - taught me how to appreciate salads (you pick everything yourself!)

At O-Week you should check out... Fun social events like Bingo, Trivia, Dodgeball - great way to have fun and meet new people

Recommended club to join: Law Revue! Gave me so much confidence in my first year at UNSW

One piece of advice for first-years: There's an extracurricular for everyone - take some time, find out what that is for you!

Elizabeth Paulino

Activities & Activations Coordinator

Favourite place on campus: Alumni lawn - perfect place to relax in the sun in between classes

Favourite place to eat: Stellinis - really good pasta!!

At O-Week you should check out... The daily activations! You won't see these at any other Orientation Week!

Recommended Club to join: Can't pick one, I've loved all the ones that I've joined! Go with what suits your interests!

One piece of advice for first-years: Take advantage of all the opportunities you see! Don't even second guess it and just get involved - you won't regret it!

Jack Wheatstone

Marketing Coordinator

Favourite place on campus: Robert Webster Building - nice quiet place to study.

Favourite place to eat: Guzman y Gomez - not only can you order it through the app and pick it up on arrival, but you earn points too!

At O-Week you should check out... The Backstage Pass! It shows you all the best activities to complete/attend, and if you complete the attached StarPass then you can win some awesome prizes!

Recommended Club to join: Law Revue Society! Lots of fun and development, and is open to any student regardless of degree or experience.

One piece of advice for first-years: University is about so much more than just classes. Get out there and get involved!

John Chan

Wellbeing Coordinator

Favourite place on campus: The pond outside Colombo is a great view!

Favourite place to eat: Tori (Sushi spot in upper food court)

At O-Week you should check out...  The night activities! They're a great way to meet new people that are coming into UNSW and are very affordable events too.

Recommended Club to join: All the societies that give out free food! I'd recommend VSA or Food Lovers, they always have yummy food for their members! Also check the UNSW Free Food group to find free food on campus.

One piece of advice for first-years:  Use your first year as an opportunity to find your passions and do what you love - whether this be through societies and finding like minded people, or through your degree, be sure to explore new things and don't miss out on any opportunities. 

Nigel Lau

Training Coordinator

Favourite place on campus: IGA - Snacks and Drinks, yes please.

Favourite place to eat: Q Lounge Cafe - Love the honey soy chicken wings and chicken avo salad combo!

At O-Week you should check out...  The main walkway which showcases the amazing and diverse clubs and sports UNSW has to offer!

Recommended Club to join: Debating Society! It combines my two favourite interests... Words and talkin' good. That, or Socialist Alternative, I love freedom!

One piece of advice for first-years: Just do it, life is too short for you to second guess yourself

Selina Le Khac

Recruitment & Development Coordinator

Favourite place on campus: Quad Lawn! It's the best place to meet up with friends, have lunch and relax in the sun!

Favourite place to eat: Mamak Village! Such good asian food for value! Nasi Goreng Kampung for the win PLUS they have $3 hot chips. What a bargain!

At O-Week you should check out... You should definitely check out the cool activities during the day and the night events! They're good ways to immerse yourself, try new things and meet new people!

Recommended Club to join: Enactus UNSW! A great society to join if you are passionate about creating social impact and the start up space!

One piece of advice for first-years: University is a time for exploration and finding out the things that you enjoy as well as what you don't enjoy. If you aren't passionate about what you're studying its never too late to explore other options! 

James Nguyen

Events & Production Coordinator

Favourite place on campus: SEB Building - great quiet study spot and a beautiful view!

Favourite place to eat: Big big fan of Yallah Eats down by IGA. Great variety of yummy and healthy delights! 

At O-Week you should check out...  Definitely the night events! From the notable comedians at Comedy Night, down to the bands performing for our Gig Night, there's something for everyone!

Recommended Club to join: 180 Degrees Consulting UNSW! Want to develop yourself and others? 180DC empowers you to help not-for-profit companies and charities to improve their own organisations at a high level!

One piece of advice for first-years: University can help pave a strong foundation for what the real world will entail for you, get involved in all the societies, vollie programs and career opportunities that UNSW has to offer! 

Richard Yan

Clubs & Sports Coordinator

Favourite place on campus: Village Green, always something to do near there. Did you know you can borrow sporting equipment for free, all you need is your student ID card!

Favourite place to eat: Stock Market, you usually won't find healthy meal deals on campus but this is by far one of my favourite on campus!

At O-Week you should check out... All the Clubs you think you have an interest in. This is a must, it's one of the best ways to get involved and challenge yourself!

Recommended Club to join: Adventurers Society - It's a society dedicated to all things adventurous like rock climbing, hikes, paddleboarding, ski trips and escape rooms! 

One piece of advice for first-years: There's always someone that can help you. It ranges from free food, mental wellbeing help to sporting facilities on campus. It may be a struggle finding these offers but you should always ask around, especially Yellow Shirts (we're here to help).

Tran Nguyen

Tours & Logistics Coordinator

Favourite place on campus: The balcony at Scientia overhanging Main Walkway. It's always a lovely view during the evening!

Favourite place to eat: Stock Market!! I'd never thought I'd love salads until I tried this place. The honey mustard dressing is BOMB.

At O-Week you should check out... Defs go on a tour!! Our General Campus Tour is super in-depth and you'll get a free sausage sizzle but there's other shorter ones that can be tailored to YOU!

Recommended Club to join: Tea and Coffee Society! They hold an annual high tea and they give quality free tea and coffee every week at their gatherings. Um...YES!

One piece of advice for first-years: Take every opportunity you can get to have fun and develop yourself! My uni experience has been so colourful because I just didn't study 24/7.

Thomas Young

Sites & Sponsorships Coordinator

Favourite place on campus: The Stationery Reuse Centre! A great place to get free statoinery when you're in a bit of a bind!

Favourite place to eat: Boost! Definitely give Green Tea Mango Mantra a try! :)

At O-Week you should check out... The Sporting Club stalls! This is a great way to get a taste of a variety of new sports and a wonderful way to connect and meet with new people!

Recommended Club to join: I would highly recommend any society that involves your degree or interests! For some suggestions, I would also strongly recommend EcoSoc, UNSW MathSoc, SciSoc, DogSoc, IceSoc, TrickSoc, RunSoc, and the Society Of Medical Innovatoin! 

One piece of advice for first-years: Join a club, society, sports team, or volunteer program! Always be willing to try new things, you never know what you'll fall in love with! Also, go to all your lectures. Trust me.

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