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These are the people that make O-Week bloom!

With epic knowledge comes an epic O-Week.

Meet our behind-the-scenes Organising Team, in charge of everything from daily events and activities to tours to organising the ~200 Yellow Shirts around campus during the week. These UNSW students have risen through the ranks of Yellow Shirts to lead the largest O-Week in the southern hemisphere!

Danny Ng

O-Week Coordinator

Favourite place on campus: Alumni Lawn – just a great place to lie down and read a book to unwind from the things you have to do.

Favourite place to go to the toilet: Outside CLB – good, convenient place that is always reliable

At O-Week you should check out... All the clubs and societies!! There is always a club that suits your tastes

Recommended club to join: Food Lovers Society, they often host events about food and what's not to love about that?

One piece of advice for first-years: Cherish the university experience, you only have so many years here you might as well make the most out of it!

Tommy Jiang

Activities & Activations Coordinator

Favourite place on campus: Physics Lawn: Always a great place to get some sunlight in and it’s so quiet and peaceful

Favourite place to go to the toilet: No favourites, I love all toilets around campus!

At O-Week you should check out... Terrarium building workshop! For the first time ever, there’ll be a stall where you guys can come and build your very own terrariums to take home!

Recommended Club to join: Should definitely check out clubs that pique your interest! They’re a great way to meet people and you never know, you might find some life-long friends

One piece of advice for first-years: Step out your comfort zone! Uni is a great way to explore new things and discover more about yourself!

Kerisha Parkes

Marketing Coordinator

Favourite place on campus: The ground level of the Business School - there are big rooms to hang out with friends in and there are comfy couches to study on if you are by yourself.

Favourite place to go to the toilet: Goldstein toilets - they are super accessible since they are in the middle of campus and not as crowded

At O-Week you should check out... The Photo Scavenger Hunt! Super cute way to make memories at O-Week and there's some pretty cool prizes up for grabs

Recommended Club to join: Your faculty/degree-related society! It's always really nice to have people you know in classes so you can study together

One piece of advice for first-years: University is about so much more than just classes. Get out there and get involved!

Winston Li

Tours Coordinator

Favourite place on campus: Research labs in the Mathews Building, you get to participate in post-grad Psychology students’ studies and learn about things from that unique perspective (sometimes you get rewards like lollies or coins!!)

Favourite place to go to the toilet: Any toilet that doesn’t stink is good (law building toilets are smelly)

At O-Week you should check out... Tours!!

Recommended Club to join: Psychology Society (PsychSoc), if you study psychology then this community will push your involvement to the next level

One piece of advice for first-years: Do stuff, especially if you’re not sure if you’ll like something - try it first and find out!

Jannet Xiao

Training Coordinator

Favourite place on campus: The windows seats in the Electrical Engineering building - great for sitting, pondering about life and pretending like you’re in a music video

Favourite place to eat: Science & Engineering Building Level 1 - clean, quiet and usually free

At O-Week you should check out...  All the freebies - check out the free food and crafts all around campus

Recommended Club to join: Management Society - i joined in my first year and the friendships i made still carry to this day (i’m in 5th year now!)

One piece of advice for first-years: Your uni experience is what you make it out to be. Take this opportunity to step out of your comfort zone, and don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Andy Huynh

Wellbeing Coordinator

Favourite place on campus: Ainsworth computer labs for some nice and chill study, Alumni Lawn to kickback.

Favourite place to go to the toilet: Science and Engineering Building for lower campus and Mathews Building for upper campus. Generally not busy and very clean.

At O-Week you should check out...  The night events! They're a great way to meet new people that are coming into UNSW and are free too

Recommended Club to join: Anything and everything, UNSW has so many different societies and opportunities to get involved

One piece of advice for first-years: Make the most of your university experience and live life at your own pace :)

Michelle Huynh

Recruitment & Development Coordinator

Favourite place on campus: SEB, it’s my faculty building but also a dynamic place to study with my friends whilst being close to everything I need to be comfortable

Favourite place to go to the toilet: Again, I would say SEB mostly because it’s the building I’m most often at but also because it’s one of the newest building

At O-Week you should check out... Society camps, mentoring programs, food, etc etc - we all have our unique interests and I genuinely think you’ll be able to find at least one opportunity that you fit right into!

Recommended Club to join: Your faculty society to get to know people on a similar trajectory to you and any of the ones who give out heaps of free food and discounts!

One piece of advice for first-years: Try to find a balance for everything - a lot goes on at this age but reflect on your curiosities and passions right now and find that equilibrium! Also building off Q3, chase after as many opportunities that pique your interest as possible, UNSW offers so so many

Wilson Lin

Web & Logistics Coordinator

Favourite place on campus: I like the view from the top of scientia at sunset, it looks quite nice

Favourite place to go to the toilet: Don’t have a favourite, but ground floor law toilets smell mighty good

At O-Week you should check out... Different ways to get involved! If you’re remotely interested in something, just give it a go and talk to the society that’s involved in it. It really sucks when you don’t take that leap and then end up regretting it later so just give it a go c:

Recommended Club to join: Whatever you’re interested in and wherever has people you vibe with! Each to their own, but also look for ways to branch out, grow, and challenge yourself

One piece of advice for first-years: Branch out, find out how you can get involved, and then once you know what there is available at uni, make plans for how you can achieve what you want to achieve. Uni is short, so make sure you leave with no regrets c:

Claire Zhou

Clubs & Site Coordinator

Favourite place on campus: Pavilions, access to food and able to charge my laptop when I’m studying? Count me in!

Favourite place to go to the toilet: Probably Wallace Wurth, it is the only building that I spend long enough hours (labs...) to need to go to the bathroom.

At O-Week you should check out... All the Clubs on campus (and free stationary, food, etc.!) but also did you know you can make your own terrariums??

Recommended Club to join: Hobby and sports clubs that give you the opportunity to wind down and take your mind from studying! Join a Club that you have always been interested in or try something completely new! Take your pick at O-Week

One piece of advice for first-years: As cringey as it sounds, the world is your oyster. Participate in all the things you love to do or try and never let anyone tell you otherwise. Own your experiences!

Ayman Haque

Events & Production Coordinator

Favourite place on campus: Hilmer Building and SEB, it’s one of the first buildings I’ve ever familiarized myself with at university and is easily one of my most favourite places to grind through lectures and assignments as its relatively quiet and the views are pretty cool.

Favourite place to eat: Gotta be the Quadrangle toilets, never have I ever been disappointed. Central to all parts of campus and are generally quite clea

At O-Week you should check out...  O-Week 2022’s Night Events, whether you want to kick back, make friends and watch a movie on the Monday Night or dabble in some competitive Putt Putt golf on the Thursday, there is always something new and fresh for you to do every night at O-Week!!

Recommended Club to join: At UNSW we have over 300 different student led clubs for first years to join from Animal Crossing Society to Quidditch Society and everything in between, feel free to walk around O-Week and check to see what interests you. I Heart Uni is my personal favourite <3

One piece of advice for first-years: Work hard but take breaks harder!! Study is very important but make sure to definitely put yourself out there and get involved, university is one of the only opportunities that you have to really get to explore your interests and enjoy yourself so you leave with no regrets!!

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