Experience the wonder and discovery of university life as you explore O-Week in 2021! Whether you’re a first-year fresh out of high school, a second-year who missed out on student life last year, or an older student coming back for another year, O-Week has something for everyone!

Join your student organisation, Arc, and grab your bag of freebies; make new friends at games and activities running throughout the week; sign-up to clubs and student societies; get your questions answered at your faculty welcome; and go on the famous Yellow Shirt tour.

Click attending on the Facebook event, bookmark this page, and check back as we reveal all the fun we have in stall for O-Week in the weeks leading up to it.

O-Week Must-Do List

  1. Join Arc and unlock your student experience!
    From Clubs, Volunteering and student Publications, to Sport, Wellness and Help for all things uni — Arc is your key to the best student experience.
  2. Attend your Official Welcome & your Faculty Welcome including live Q&A sessions and resource packs.
    Make sure you're all set up for uni, get your questions answered and find helpful info for international students.
  3. Sign up to as many Club Events as possible!
    Check out the 300+ clubs we have on offer with our Clubs Guide (PDF) then sign up to join via our online platform SpArc.
  4. Meet new mates
    Come along to our fun online and on-campus activities to meet your new BFFs and friends so you won't have to worry about starting a new course alone.
  5. Hang out with us IRL!
    Join us on campus for one of our IRL campus tours and stop by Alumni Lawn every day from 12-3PM to pick up and play a range of sports and games with Arc Sport.

Health & Hygiene at O-Week:

  • BYOM (Bring Your Own Mask!)
  • Feeling sick? Please stay at home.
  • Sanitise before you socialise.
  • Scan to get started.

Join the Club!

From Clubs, Volunteering and student Publications, to Sport, Wellness and Help for all things uni — Arc is your key to the best student experience.

What's On!

Find our full list of what's happening at O-Week! From tours, socials and big fun to epic night events - there's something for everyone!

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O-Week Golden Ticket

YOUR guide to all the activities and events happening at O-Week. So, while you're having a blast, you also have the chance to win epic prizes!

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Campus Tours

Join us online or IRL for a tour of our big ol' campus to learn where your classes will be, where to find faculty help and where to get the best coffee on campus.

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O-Week Online!

Experience the magic of the largest university orientation in the southern hemisphere... all from the comfort and safety of your own home!

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Getting to O-Week

Are you a PT person or are you looking to drive (& park!) at uni? The campus is fully accessible!

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UNSW Orientation

Faculty welcomes, info packs and your questions answered! Find out essential information on classes, key dates and exclusive opportunities.

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Food Hub

Wed 30 Jun – Fri 03 Sep

Take what you need! Free food packs for UNSW students

O-Week | T3

WK1Mon 06 Sep – Fri 10 Sep

Make Your Magic | Let's start 2021's final term with a banger!

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