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The mission of the Postgraduate Council is to provide information, support, representation and advice on issues that affect postgraduate students at UNSW and the wider postgraduate student population.

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Our Values

The Postgraduate Council represents the postgraduate students of UNSW to the University administration, all levels of government, the local community and peak national representative bodies. Postgraduate student representation is provided through the PGC, individual Office Bearers, Committee Liaisons, and Committees. The PGC deals with all representation issues specific to postgraduate students whose needs and student experiences are different from those of undergraduate students.

The PGC’s core mission is founded on three main values:


  1. To amplify the desires of the postgraduate voice at different University levels.

  2. To strengthen the student voice by connecting student bodies within UNSW such as Student Representative Council, Academic Board, and Arc Board.


  1. To organise flagship university-wide events that foster community building, celebrate student achievements, and encourage a social atmosphere.
  2. To organise professional development events that educate postgraduates on entering the job market and guide their transition from postgraduate student to employee.


  1. To offer a first point-of-contact for postgraduates with coursework and research inquiries.
  2. To promote the diversity and inclusion of all postgraduate students.
  3. To connect postgraduate students with UNSW well-being services.

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