Phil' Does Good! Will You?

What is Phil’?

UNSW’s Phil' is Australia's largest student-led philanthropy initiative. We put the FUN in fundraising, uniting the entire UNSW community to do good and Phil' good, fundraising for an incredibly worthy cause, Child Life and Music Therapy at Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick (just up the road). 

What have we done so far…

Our wonderphil' volunteers have been busy fundraising all year with bake sales, barbeques, raffles, Pedal 4 Kids 100km cycling ride, the Phil' Charity Concert, the Phil' Gala Ball and the City2Surf 14km fun-run. Thanks to the generosity of the UNSW community we have already raised over $116K. Our aim is to raise $138,800 this year. Why such a specific number you may ask? Raising $138,800 this year means that we will have raised over a quarter of a million dollars since Phil’ inception in 2016!

What’s next!

The biggest event on the Phil' calendar is coming up: the 24-hour Phil’ Fun-A-Thon on Thu 11 OCT – Fri 12 OCT. Over 260 students have signed up for the challenge. We are reaching out to all UNSW students, staff, alumni and the local community to get involved. 

How can YOU get involved? 

1. Join in the fun
Everyone in the UNSW community is invited to be a part of the Phil’ 24hr Fun-A-Thon. You can join the:

  • Dance Class with Sydney Dance Rhythms (Zumba style) 3pm-4pm Thursday 11th of October at the Roundhouse 
  • Yoga class with Sona Yoga 8am-9am Friday 12th of October at the Roundhouse 

Book your ticket here. The $15 will be donated to the cause.

2. Dares for Donations
Kids in hospital have to be brave and do scary things all the time. The Child Life and Music Therapist work tirelessly helping these kids. We are raising much-needed funds for this team by facing our fears. The dares include students shaving their hair, eating cockroaches and holding a snake.  

We are looking for UNSW Staff that willing to get in a dunk tank and help fundraise. If you’d like to do this then please email Amanda

3. Show your support 
We’d love for you, your colleagues, even your family to come along to the final hours of the Fun-A-Thon. Cheer on the brave staff and students doing Dares for Donations. Listen to speeches from the hospital staff about the impact this funding makes in the lives of young children and their families. Be there when UNSW history is made and the cheque is presented with the official 2018 fundraising total.  

  • 10AM-11AM Fri 12 OCT Fear Factor Hour at the Roundhouse 
  • 11AM- 12PM Fri 12 OCT Closing Ceremony at the Roundhouse 

Please make sure to book this in your calendar and let your UNSW contacts know. 

4. Donate
Help us hit the target of $138,800. Every donation over $2 is tax deductible. Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot!

Make an online donation here

5. Spread Awareness 
The more people that know about 24-Hour Phil’ Fun-A-Thon, the greater the impact. 

Please spread the word by forwarding this link to all your UNSW contacts and sharing on your communication channels.  

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