Phil' Does Good! Will You?

What is Phil’?

UNSW’s Phil' is Australia's largest student-led philanthropy initiative. We put the FUN in fundraising, uniting the entire UNSW community to do good and Phil' good, fundraising for an incredibly worthy cause, Child Life and Music Therapy at Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick (just up the road). 

What have we done so far…

Since Phil's inception in 2016 we have managed to raise over $272,000 for the Child Life and Music Therapy team at the Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick! This is thanks to our volunteers, participants and partners who have given time, money and energy to help make a huge difference. Our target for this year is $100,000 which will only be possible with the support of the UNSW community!

What’s next!

The first big event of 2019 is Dares for Donations! Kids in hospital are brave every single day, so we are challenging the UNSW community to do the same! Raise funds for Sydney Children’s Hospital Child Life & Music Therapy, by doing something scary! Hold a snake; fall into the dunk tank or come up with your own! Email us at or register your interest here!

How can YOU get involved? 

1. Volunteer!

We are currently recruiting for volunteers and leaders for 2019! Applications close soon so don't miss out and apply here!

2. Dares for Donations

Dares for Donations is taking place on THU 17 APR at the Roundhouse Beer Garden! Come down to watch the fun (hit attending here!) or register to do your own dare!

3. Show your support 

Turn up to our events, send participants and volunteers messages of support, share our posts and information on Facebook! Donate gifts, prizes, money, anything that will help us raise money for the Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation. Email us at if you want to get in contact!

4. Donate

Donate here - every single dollar counts!!!!

5. Spread Awareness 

Tell your friends about us! The more people that know about Phil', the better!

More about Phil'

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