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Since 1998, the UNSWeetened Literary Journal has published the finest poetry, essays, and short stories by UNSW students. We aspire to build a community with a shared love for literature and encourage you to interact with us and one another to create and grow.


Submissions to 2021 UNSWeetened are now open. The theme for this year is Mythos.

Humans have always shared in myths, from our stories of creation through to those of single lives. We tell stories of our galaxies, our countries, our communities, and ourselves. There are myths that take us from reality and myths that bring reality to new life. All that which cannot be understood is weaved into mythology, and through generations, our understanding of the world around us is shaped by our mythos. 

All responses to and interpretations of the theme ‘mythos’ are welcome. We accept submissions in the categories of short story, poetry, and essay. We encourage experimental, transformative, and cross-genre work.

The deadline for submissions is Monday 5 July at 23:59.

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Events and Projects

UNSWeetened will run a range of events such as Editing Workshops and 10 Day Writing Challenges with Tharunka. Join our Facebook group to get the latest updates on upcoming events.

The Literary Journal will also run a number of projects, including:

The Mythos Scavenger Hunt
Over the course of the year, there will be 15 collectable cards showing mythological figures from around the world scattered through Kensington Campus. Collect them all to win custom illustrations and more. 

Each month, the UNSWeetened team will discuss updates on the journal, hear some of the finest minds of the Sydney academic and literary scenes talk about all things literature and myth, and get the low-down on literary movements and genres from around the world. Each episode is published in full and in segments for your listening ease: interviews, literary history and retold myths.

The monthly newsletter contains the latest on our upcoming events, book recommendations, and exciting opportunities from sponsors. It is released on the first Friday of every month, which means you have something to look forward to at the end of the week!

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2021 Team

Coordinator: Axel-Nathaniel Rose

Designers: Indi Sofyar, Larae Kale, and Natasha Shaju

Illustrators: Christine Le, Eloise Griffiths Da Costa, and Talica Jpg

Editors: Belle Campbell, Elena Kaloudis, Laura Wilde, Mia Lo Russo, Rosie Bogs, Victoria Zhou, and Wen Yu Yang

Publicity Manager: Margaret Miao

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Please don't hesitate to contact Axel at unsweetened@arc.unsw.edu.au or join our Facebook Group if you have any questions.