In 2022, the world entered swiftly into a state of darkness and turmoil without seemingly any constants besides experiencing one crisis after another. 

But beyond the happenings on earth, there are constellational forces and constants that we may turn to, which continue to influence us and lend us guidance on how to navigate a world that is in continuous flux. A cosmic tether that binds everyone together, no matter who, when or where. To be in sync with the stars is to be in sync with each other and gain a connection that goes beyond our physical beings. For us readers, we are at least given the literary liberty to indulge in the contemplation of this possibility, with the added benefit of being connected in another layer through our love of the written word.

And so, with much delight, we have looked into the cosmic heavens while wearing our horoscope lenses to find literary gems to recommend to all lovers of literature based on your star signs! This new book recommendation series will be extra personalised for each star sign and perfect for anyone who is struggling to commit to a new book. In every article, I will be going through a different star sign, and recommending books that I think capture its unique qualities for a worthy read, so stay tuned for your star sign!